The Rig: The Gritty Drama you Need to see!

jan 13, 2023

The Rig is a gritty-drama television with dark twists series brought to us by Amazon Prime. The show takes place at an offshore oil rig in the North Sea, where a crew of workers take care of operational matters. The series focuses on the lives of the workers, the dark secrets they hold and the dangers that come with working in the challenging environment of the oil rig. A broader theme in this drama focuses on the relationships among the crew and preventing conflicts whilst confined in a claustrophobic and solitary environment. If you like a psychological-thriller-style drama that keeps you guessing, this could be the perfect drama.

The main character is a young engineer named Callum Ferguson, a newbie on the rig who is eager to prove himself a valuable member of the crew. Despite this, he fails to impress the hard-faced chief engineer in his efforts to be efficient while navigating the harsh conditions of the rig.  Callum tries to earn the respect of his colleagues, discovering a threatening secret with detrimental outcomes.

Throughout the series, the workers face various challenges threatened by violent weather, accidents and the not-so-innocent intentions of others. Each character brings their own backstory yet to be revealed, touching on the very real topics of relationships and addiction. Meanwhile, we also see the focus on the larger agenda of the company in terms of being profitable, tough monetary times and safety concerns. These scandals are what make gritty dramas with several plots and twists worth the watch.

As the plot thickens, tension rises and the stakes become higher, with the life of those on the rig gravely endangered. And what is not to fear about being on a 300+ metre rig suspended above a vast, endless sea?

Overall, The Rig is a thrilling and dramatic series that explores the very real possibilities faced by the oil industry and profitable businesses. It also produces a stark contrast between the rig workers, the company hierarchy and a potentially deadly environment in which the crew find themselves. You can watch The Rig on Amazon Prime.

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