Best Royal Drama TV Series

Jul 06, 2020

Watching royalty can sometimes make us feel like we are a part of royalty, but it also shows that being a leader usually isn’t as easy as it could seem. So, if you want to experience a lot of unpredictable drama with stunning scenery, clothes and visuals in general, these may be a few good choices for you:

The Crown

When Elizabeth II became the Queen of the United Kingdom and married Prince Phillip, a new era was set to begin. Observing the Windsor family there are many more affairs, conspiracies and plots than one would think and we get to watch as it all unveils in front of our eyes. Since the Queen usually stays out of the public eye, it is satisfying to see another side to her, which makes her more relatable to the average viewer. The show is so good, that even Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter herself said she loved it!


The story follows Mary, Queen of Scots, during her stay in France from when she was only 15 years old. Although this series characters are based on history, it has much more drama and fiction than the real story, but that is exactly what makes it so intriguing, along with one of the best cast I have ever seen and the production quality that is simply astonishing. Every time the episode ends, you will find yourself wanting more instantly.

Game of Thrones

Although there are many kings and queens in Game of Thrones, this is not your typical royal scene. In order to make it to the Iron Throne, there are many sacrifices one must make and it seems like everybody is ready to do whatever it takes. With 8 great houses ready to play, so many main characters are involved and it’s tough to decide who you want to see winning it all. It does consist of plenty of fantasy, including some dragons, but the whole story is so amazingly written that it all looks very possible at the same time. However, if you do have a weak stomach, then this might not be such a good option for you. 

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