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Rooftop Prince

Rooftop Prince

SBS 2012

Crown Prince Yi Gak finds that he has been transported from the Chosun Dynasty to modern-day Seoul. He meets Hong Se Na, who bears a striking resemblance to his dead wife, and is determined to solve the 300-year-old mystery of her death. With his own resemblance to the CEO’s grandson at the company where Se Na works, Gak assumes the identity of the young man to stay close to her. Can the Crown Prince navigate a modern corporation to find clues to his own time period?

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    >What DIES though it LIVES, and LIVES though it DIES... Figure out the riddle before you finish the drama ; the answer is in every episode. The early episodes of this drama is very enjoyable to watch. With all the comedy it has, you will mistake it to a sitcom program. So overall it won't hurt to watch this at all. But what didn't work for me is the draggy episodes between 6 at 15 and up. The writers got the mojo back on last episode. The story is definitely gripping in trying to find who killed the princess and the sisters story ; but the plot and twists are nothing new for K-Drama .[spoiler] The way the leads let the villians win until the knockout punches between 18-20 episodes is frustrating to watch.I liked the segauk part of the drama more but unfortunately its only limited to 1st and last episode.[/spoiler] What I liked about this drama: 1. retainers trio (they had lot of potential) 2. You keep guessing till the end who killed the princess. 3. Actors playing villains were amazing unfortunately their characters weren't. What I didn't like: 1. Villains were one dimensional character without any depth. 2. Han Ji Min's character was very boring and her acting didn't improve the character 3. Retainers trio potential wasn't used. Their character weren't developed and were used more like extras and in comedy elements than helping progress the plot. 4. Main leads were stupid in not using the leads and not figuring out things My advise for people who wants to see this but doesn't have a time to finish the total 20 hours long drama. You won't miss a thing if ever you only watch the beginning, partly the middle and finally the ending.


    Fun watch. Loved the first episodes with the guys who time traveled get used to modern day. I didn't remember the story was that long with 20 episodes! I think it fell to long drama = lagging middle but I still think it's worth a watch if you're looking for light-hearted shows.


    it's quite fun to watch. 很好看,賞心悅目,只是BUG有點多,不過作為娛樂劇是非常優秀,兼具笑點、美景美人和要表達的東西。


    This show was comedy gold in the beginning, and I enjoyed it. However, in the second half, the business plot just kept dragging on and felt so out of place with the rest of the show.

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