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The Demon Girl Next Door

The Demon Girl Next Door

TBS 2019

Awakening her dormant abilities as a devil one day, Yuuko Yoshida aka Shadow Mistress Yuuko, is entrusted with the mission to defeat the Light clan's shrine maiden, a magical girl, by her ancestor Lilith. Yuuko meets magical girl Momo Chiyoda through her classmate Anri Sada, and challenges her to a duel, but loses quickly due to her lack of strength.Since then, Yuuko has struggled with her role as a devil and her duel with Momo, and borrowed help from her regularly. However, by a strange coincidence, Yuuko also weakens Momo by taking away her power to cooperate in protecting the peace of Tama city.

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Die 10 Beste Folgen von The Demon Girl Next Door

The Demon Girl Next Door - S1E12

#1 - Feelings to Convey!! A New Leap Forward for Demonkind!! (Staffel 1 - Folge 12)

Momo needs to process the shocking revelations that rocked her to the core! Perhaps Yuko can solve the dilemma by offering Momo a deal with a demon girl.

The episode was rated 8,13 from 15 votes.

The Demon Girl Next Door - S2E6

#2 - Vow Under the Setting Sun! The Path Forward for Demonkind (Staffel 2 - Folge 6)

When Shamiko finds herself in trouble, the one who saves her is none other than Sakura Chiyoda! Meanwhile, Momo takes a certain action to save Shamiko from her nightmare.

The episode was rated 7,91 from 11 votes.

The Demon Girl Next Door - S2E12

#3 - A Ritual in Darkness! The Demon’s New Ally!! (Staffel 2 - Folge 12)

Shamiko and Momo enter Mikan's heart to negotiate with Ugallu, the entity responsible for the magical girl’s curse!

The episode was rated 7,80 from 10 votes.

The Demon Girl Next Door - S2E5

#4 - Raid! The Pink Plan to Retake Shamiko! (Staffel 2 - Folge 5)

Shamiko learns that Lico and Shirosawa have a connection to Sakura and decides to continue working part-time at the café. However, Momo is vehemently opposed to it!

The episode was rated 7,69 from 13 votes.

The Demon Girl Next Door - S2E1

#5 - Yet Another Showdown! The Magical Girl Has a Brand New Appearance?! (Staffel 2 - Folge 1)

When challenging an archnemesis to a duel, please make sure they do not mistake it as an invitation to hang out. It’s awkward for everyone involved.

The episode was rated 7,67 from 12 votes.

The Demon Girl Next Door - S1E8

#6 - The Cursed Fruit!! Beware the Sour Mikan!! (Staffel 1 - Folge 8)

Mikan finally makes her debut, and Yuko's anxiety spikes to even higher levels! Is the magical girl here to murderize Yuko or for another reason?

The episode was rated 7,64 from 14 votes.

The Demon Girl Next Door - S1E11

#7 - Diving Into Dreams Once Again!! Break Through the Pink Defense Line (Staffel 1 - Folge 11)

Yuko's worried about Momo and dives into her dreams again to get the magical girl to open up. However, is that a good idea? Who knows what could happen this time.

The episode was rated 7,62 from 13 votes.

The Demon Girl Next Door - S1E7

#8 - The Pink Method!! The Wheel of Fate Is a Round Tire!! (Staffel 1 - Folge 7)

A change of fortune can only mean one thing: FOOD! Later, Yuko learns the hard way that she and Momo have vastly different definitions of “training.”

The episode was rated 7,60 from 15 votes.

The Demon Girl Next Door - S1E6

#9 - Courage to Face the Future!! The Heavy Roller Won't Stop (Staffel 1 - Folge 6)

Yuko will need to go deeper into Momo's subconscious so she can implant the idea that will change everything! Perhaps compassion can triumph where fighting has failed.

The episode was rated 7,59 from 17 votes.

The Demon Girl Next Door - S2E3

#10 - The Dark Witch Returns! With Steam From Hell! (Staffel 2 - Folge 3)

After hearing that Lilith has been sealed for over 2000 years, Shamiko and Momo come up with a plan to let her borrow Shamiko's body and enjoy a day of freedom.

The episode was rated 7,55 from 11 votes.

The Demon Girl Next Door - S2E4

#11 - A New Species Discovered! The Town Café Is a Demon Lair! (Staffel 2 - Folge 4)

Shamiko visits a café rumored to be frequented by demons in search of clues about Sakura, but somehow ends up getting a part-time job instead!

The episode was rated 7,55 from 11 votes.

The Demon Girl Next Door - S2E9

#12 - Pitch-Black Feelings!! Darkness Peach Returns!! (Staffel 2 - Folge 9)

Momo is stuck in her darkness form! Without the ability to control her strength, Momo unintentionally destroys whatever she touches.

The episode was rated 7,55 from 11 votes.

The Demon Girl Next Door - S1E10

#13 - The Ancestor Evolves!! A Pair of Glasses Reflect Within a Dark Lab (Staffel 1 - Folge 10)

Look out Yuko, Shion's up to something... and she won't rest until she runs her experiments! Then, can Yuko and Momo keep a secret from Ryoko?

The episode was rated 7,53 from 15 votes.

The Demon Girl Next Door - S2E7

#14 - A Short Break!! The Demonic Summer Festival (Staffel 2 - Folge 7)

Shamiko's summer vacation has turned out far more hectic than intended. She tries to reclaim some peace in her life, but the looming stack of homework casts a dark shadow...

The episode was rated 7,50 from 12 votes.

The Demon Girl Next Door - S2E11

#15 - New Semester! The Magical Girl’s New Duty! (Staffel 2 - Folge 11)

A chaotic summer break ends, and a new school semester begins with Mikan transferring into Shamiko's class.

The episode was rated 7,50 from 10 votes.


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