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Showtime 2021

This equal parts survival epic, psychological horror story and coming-of-age drama tells the saga of a team of wildly talented high school girls soccer players who become the (un)lucky survivors of a plane crash deep in the remote northern wilderness. The series chronicles their descent from a complicated but thriving team to savage clans, while also tracking the lives they’ve attempted to piece back together nearly 25 years later.

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Die 10 Beste Folgen von Yellowjackets

Yellowjackets - S1E10

#1 - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi


Staffel 1 - Folge 10

On the night of their 25-year class reunion, the Yellowjackets navigate damning evidence, false alibis and a dubious attempt to “heal.” In the wilderness, the Doomcoming fallout finds everything firmly off the rails as simmering resentments come to a head. Season finale.

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Yellowjackets - S1E9

#2 - Doomcoming


Staffel 1 - Folge 9

You are cordially invited to The Doomcoming. On the brink of death, the Yellowjackets opt to throw one last rager before careening into oblivion. An increasingly paranoid Shauna struggles between keeping her cool and being Shauna.

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Yellowjackets - S1E8

#3 - Flight of the Bumblebee


Staffel 1 - Folge 8

What is madness and what is divine? While in triage after a vicious attack, the Yellowjackets are left to suss out the best of their worst ideas. Shauna dabbles in some light cyberstalking.

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Yellowjackets - S1E2

#4 - F Sharp


Staffel 1 - Folge 2

As the teens get their bearings among the wreckage, Misty finds hell on earth quite becoming. In the present: revenge, sex homework and the policeman formerly known as Goth.

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Yellowjackets - S1E6

#5 - Saints


Staffel 1 - Folge 6

The Yellowjackets tangle with the birds & the bees, navigating love, lust and DIY surgery. In the present : blackmail, bunnies and an icy reunion. Misty prepares for a surprise(d) houseguest.

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Yellowjackets - S1E7

#6 - No Compass


Staffel 1 - Folge 7

As starvation looms, Taissa leads a last-ditch effort and/or suicide mission. Amid felony schemes and all-night stakeouts, the Yellowjackets are forced to commit small talk.

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Yellowjackets - S1E5

#7 - Blood Hive


Staffel 1 - Folge 5

Out in the wilderness, the girls ride the crimson wave and plan a dark arts slumber party. Natalie and Misty tame a stallion. On Halloween night, Shauna parties like it’s 1996.

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Yellowjackets - S1E4

#8 - Bear Down


Staffel 1 - Folge 4

The girls play with guns to determine who is the most responsible. Natalie untangles a lifetime of piecing together broken men. Taissa greets the rich.

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Yellowjackets - S1E3

#9 - The Dollhouse


Staffel 1 - Folge 3

The Yellowjackets debate the merits of probably dying while staying put or probably dying while looking for shelter. Taissa navigates a dirty attack ad and the other C-word. Shauna sees about a boy.

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Yellowjackets - S1E1

#10 - Pilot


Staffel 1 - Folge 1

On the eve of a fateful flight, a championship high school girls soccer squad celebrates being a team by betraying one another. 25 years later, the survivors do their best imitations of well-adjusted people.

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Letzte Aktualisierung: Aug 10, 2022



enjoying this so far!!! feels like The Wilds but way darker.


Well they pulled every cliche available in TV/ movieland in episode 1. What's the rest of the season going to be like? Very slow start but hopefully that will move on and improve from now on...


I was excited when I first heard there was a show about a female soccer team lost in the woods eating each other, then disappointed when I found out it was about cannibalism.


Good first season I think. I wasn't sure about the dual timeframe but I really like how it's playing out between both periods. Both sets of actors are very good, both the young and the older and some famous faces in there. Interested to see how the mystical / tribal elements play out next season. On the whole, keeps the attention and some interesting themes.


Interesting... stop forcing people to enter more text than they want. you will end up with junks.


The start was a stroke of genius it kept people watching


This is so well done from start to finish. Each episode does more to draw you in and the character development is 10/10. A must watch!


I just got one word to say about this show, magnificent!


Overall, I was entertained, but I found it to be a little too dark. Like including the filming. I wish there was more relief. I also feel like I didn’t love any of the main characters so it was hard to know who to root for. The storyline is really good though so it keeps you watching. Not the best but definitely entertaining!


[Movistar+] Even if you mix ingredients that individually taste good, the mixture can be nauseating. Something like that happens in this series that takes very recognizable elements from some modern tv shows to build a double story that tries to find a balance between genres. The result is a mess, between the mystery and the teenagers stories that even in the adult plot is more inconsistent than in the youthful one.


Seven episodes in and nothing is happening based on trailers and episode 1 opening scene. In one way it’s like Lost, all about a single shock & awe each episode to get people hocked. I’m sure they will introduce The Others & some dark force that don’t want the people to leave. There’s some good character development but most of the show is filled with slow dialog. Feels like it’s dragging. Anyway I’m watching just to see if something happens. However I doubt anything special will happen and they’ll make us wait for season 2. At which point they’ll throw in more shocks which will open more questions. And push to season 3.


Season 2 release December 2022.


A bad CW teen drama meets gory Lost rip-off. What a recipe for disaster. I hated all characters, some of the worst writing and acting I've ever seen, the reveals and twists felt stupid and unbelievable, and hell even the music was horrendous...


Just finished the show. It’s alright. Still not sure why everybody raves about it. This show is for people who like super slow story development, character building, and lots of dialog. The creators use shock value to suck viewers in by throwing in something crazy that’s totally random at every episode. This generates more questions which sucks you in further. While the whole time nothing is explained. They start the season with a massive bat shit crazy scene but no mention of it any further. They end the season with a massive bat shit crazy scene that is randomly placed. Even the trailer is designed to suck you in but what you think about the show after the trailer is for sure not what is season 1 after you watch it. 10 episodes and maybe there’s an hour or two if total progression (80%-90% is essentially filler). Anyway watch at your own risk or if you have 10 free hours.


:heart:x8 OK, right off the bat, I have to say the episode 1 opening scene is a bit of a red herring - but I'm sure they'll clear that up in season 2 or 3. On the other hand, the rest of the show is a page-turner. I love the 4 main female characters. This show does kind of meander thru several different genres tho. Having said that, I found that I didn't care. It really keeps sucking you in, keeps you on the edge of your seat. Is season 2 out yet? How I rate: 1-3 :heart: = seriously! don't waste your time 4-6 :heart: = you may or may not enjoy this 7-8 :heart: = I expect you will like this too 9-10 :heart: = movies and TV shows I really love!

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