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Space 2016

The Copelands battle for survival after civilization comes to an apocalyptic end -- and they are faced not only with plague – but the rise of supernatural creatures.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Aftermath

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  • Last updated: jul 20, 2021



    Bad quality SciFi -- doubtful it'll last beyond season 1, if even.


    I was hoping SyFy could continue their recent trend of awesome shows like 12 Monkeys, The Expanse and others. But this is just bad all around. Terrible writing, acting, pacing and stupid characters.


    I have just finished season one. I watched every episode and it started off interesting but was always bad. This is not a good show and I cannot imagine a second season. Skip this series.


    It is a bit like watching a train crash and you cant look away. All over the place, trying to make a story out of scraps.


    Wow. This show sucked me right in and I found I could not turn away. I am very curious how it will all play out. Great mixture of multiple horror/sci-fi/action


    Solid entertainment. Likeable characters, good acting, interesting ideas, great special effects and production. The photography gets a special mention, as do the dream sequences. I really enjoyed this show and made a nice addition to the 'apocolyse' shows. 7.5/10


    What a crock of shit. Same boring Hollywood script with no intelligent storyline. What a dumb ass family, how are they surviving the aftermath with the decisions they make.


    So I guess Syfy is on a "every other year we make good shows" cycle? Season 2014 was garbage, 2015 was fantastic and 2016 seems to be garbage again? Since this certainly is. It's just all over the god damn place and those characters are pretty atrocious for the most part... oh well, let's cross our fingers for next year!


    i don't know why i rated it 2, was feeling bad for the show i guess. poor acting. poor presentation. terrible storytelling. awful CGI. zero entertaining. i'm not sure it even deserves to be called as a Sci-Fi. if u have nothing to watch, even then avoid this show. watch porn or something.


    I gave it a 1 "Weak sauce!" rating in homage to the original Trakt rating system. This show was so terrible that I had to stop watching half-way through the first episode the first time I tried it. Gave it another go and got up to episode 2, just a complete waste of time.

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