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FOX 2012

A unique team, consisting of a federal agent, a police officer and a conspiracy theory novelist, investigate the shocking reappearance of Alcatraz's most notorious prisoners, fifty years after they supposedly vanished.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Alcatraz

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  • Last updated: mar 02, 2022



    Kinda reminds me of time trax, but in reverse and more serious


    after watching the first season I decided to drop this show while I like the setting and all I don't really think this can really get above standard and I kind of know that this mystery will be one running for many seasons to come not being worth my time to watch and not be something I will be looking forward to. this may sound confusing but I can't really write it down clearly why I don't really enjoy this show.




    i agree with hrnn87. But the episode sequence is kinda messed up.


    I have seen 7 episodes so far, and all the errors and stupid acting makes me question why the hell I'm still watching this show. If you haven't yet started watching this, stay away; You'll probably end up wanting to strangle the shit out of creators. I know I want to. This show is right up there with Terra Nova. Yeah, it sucks that much. Yet I'm compelled to see the season through, hoping they get their shit together and start acting more credible. That's at least more than I can say for Terra Nova.


    As mentioned Sarah Jones is the series' weak spot...very disappointing


    After watching the pilot I'm left with mixed feelings about this show. It has premise, and who doesn't love Hurley? ;) I can sort of already tell how each episode will be like, after the remarkably standard pilot episode. I'll give it a try, hopefully it'll satisfy my hunger for something new and different.


    The episode 1x08 should be "Clarence Montgomery" instead of 1x10. There is an error, check it in imdb.


    I'm actually enjoying this series. It's not as bad as folk are making out


    It's a typical JJ Abrams show. But it's good.

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