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Alias Grace

Alias Grace

CBC Television 2017

Based on the true story of Grace Marks, a housemaid and immigrant from Ireland who was imprisoned in 1843, perhaps wrongly, for the murder of her employer Thomas Kinnear. Grace claims to have no memory of the murder yet the facts are irrefutable. A decade after, Dr. Simon Jordan tries to help Grace recall her past.

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    An adaptation of a Margaret Atwood book, written and co-produced by Sarah Poley, great cast - my expectations were high. These are my thought on watching the first episode: Sarah Gadon's acting is a little stilted and although the dialogue is good, it's staccato delivery can rob it of its wealth. The production design is rather sparse, accentuating the bleakness of the piece, but the potential is there for some great storytelling. I give it a cautious 6 (fair) out of 10, [Crime, Drama] *****Upon finishing, I am leaving my rating as 6 (fair) out of 10. The ending left questions unanswered (unless the title itself is the answer), so, as to storytelling, the satisfaction of a mystery was flawed. As this is based on a true story the themes carry the burden of the piece: the defilement of the powerless, and those bleak tones resound in delivery, setting and production. The acting was disappointing with the exception of Zachary Levi and Paul Gross. It's always good to hear from Margaret Atwood and Sarah Poley, but curiosity sustained me to persevere to the end and satisfaction was deferred.****


    The story is really interesting and I admire the original author but the show was kind of boring. At some points it had interesting kind of twists where you wanted to continue watching but otherwise it felt… flat somehow.


    Really interesting show to watch. The story keeps you in the dark long enough, you start to develop your own theories but it isn't until the last episode that everything is 'revealed' and still there are some questions in the back of your head by the end of it. Beautifully told story, poetic even at times.


    i dont wanna be THAT guy but bear with me [spoiler]i feel like she had dissociative identity disorder from the beginning and one of it only emerged after mary's death as a sort of coping mechanism. whether or not the disorder committing a crime should be considered guilty or not is actually a heated discussion even now so really im no expert to decide on that. i remember once doing an essay on this and my stance was that they shouldnt be held accountable. its a really interesting topic to look into, if anyone's interested.[/spoiler] a really great crime thriller, spiced up with the elements of truth and real characters, not to mention the joy of a period drama. i do feel like with handmaid's tale out and atwood's name attached to this, people went in with way too high of an expectation. when you look at the show as a separate series altogether, this was actually quality production. really fun to hear the names of all these areas around me in toronto area, but so many years ago. anyways, i really loved jeremiah and im pretty sure im not the only one out there. [spoiler]simon didnt deserve what he got though.[/spoiler] really clever how all these guys had J in their initials.


    Crazy to think Grace Marks was an actual, real life person.


    Had so much potential- but what a crap ending.


    A really interesting show, that depict the conditions of (white) women a few centuries ago and the behaviour of (white) men toward them. I really enjoyed the pace and the mystery that surrounds the main character. [spoiler] I think something that the show did well is show the behaviour of men. Except for Jeremiah, all the men are guilty of something and they all want something out of her/only see her like they want to. Even the doctor, who don't have any bad intentions toward Grace ends up hurting another woman. I also believe that Jamie said she was guilty during the trial because he saw she wasn't truly interested in him and was "avenging" himself and this is why she can't forgive him in the end. He also puts her in a very awful position after they're married as he forces her to recall traumatic events just... before having sex with her... Anyway, the most logical conclusion for me is that she suffers of some kind of traumatic disorder and thinks of herself as Mary when she commits acts that might be reprehensible. Mary was such an important figure for her that Grace has lived her entire life wanting to accomplish Mary's dreams. She was the only person toward whom she could be truly open about things and losing her also meant going back to a situation of loneliness, without anyone to teach her about life and to listen to her. For me, the real trauma is not just the death of Mary but also the fact that she couldn't find another friend. I do wonder if Nancy's death is also linked to her not being the friend Grace thought she would be.[/spoiler]


    In the beginning I enjoyed watching this for the general 19th century feel of it and because I liked her irish accent, but the last episode left me somewhat disappointed. Mhm. Started out on a 7.5 and ends with a 6 out of 10, I'd say.

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