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It’s the year 2050 and time travel exists thanks to Alice, the mechanism through which the intriguing practice is made possible. But a rumor based on a prophecy beings to spread about time travel coming to an end. When You Min Hyuk and Yoon Tae Yi are sent to the year 1992 to find out about the prophecy, Tae Yi realizes she’s pregnant and decides to stay in the past by herself. She changes her name to Park Sun Young and eventually gives birth to a beautiful son named Park Jin Gyeom, whose mental health suffers due to radiation exposure. Fast forward to the year 2010, and Sun Young is murdered by someone. 10 years after her death, her son Jin Gyeom is on a mission to find who is responsible for his mother’s death. But while searching, he runs into Yoon Tae Yi, a physics professor who looks exactly like this mother. What will become of these individuals caught tragically between time and space?

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The 10 Best Episodes of ALICE

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    > Underrated Entertaining Sci-Fi Thriller that suffer from poor written climax TimeTravel series are never perfect !! ALICE tries to convince us that temporal paradox/ grandfather paradox can be avoided i.e **Time Travel Theoretically Possible Without Leading To Paradoxes** I found this incredibly entertaining,fast paced,emotional and topical hopeful drama.It deals with costs that come with time travel and is hence quite different than many fantasy dramas that promote this concept. Every episode starts with a quote on time and its importance for lives.. PLOT ------ Time travel as a subject can be quite confusing as there are "multiverses" created and time loops that many people can't wrap their head around. The show was unique until Ep.12; there were no major flaws and show was gripping with suspense [spoiler] whether it be ALICE trying to protect time travel or Master trying to get The Prophecy or Jin-gyeom trying to find his mother's killer [/spoiler] It was straight forward as the past didn't affect the future or it does seem so !!! Writing was good in the scientific and physics perspective also to the quotes at the beginning of every episode plays the major role. But at the same time writer also messed up a lot of things to be more precise let's say 70% writing was good but at the same time it was 30% was bad CAST ------ The acting was top-notch and the cast was amazingly professional. Joo Won is good especially in intense roles (Bridal Mask and Yong Pal) and his turn as Lieutenant Park was like a superb fit..This is his comeback drama after military service. As the show progresses you feel for him a lot.. He has convinced us with Alexithymia disability but at times shown great emotions too like any other person. Kim Hee sun ,esp the mom part aced very well ... I dont remember any other Kdrama showing a mother son bond so beautifully. She basically sacrificed her entire life for her son,had an utterly tough existence and the end she kept getting repeatedly was so unfair.. As Tae Yi,she was a different character but her fondness for the Lieutenant was beautifully shown..Many people are disgusted with this Incest (Both Mom and Tae Yi have identical faces) but they are fine as per me..She is NOT his mom,period and there is no skin-ship only emotional attachment. Although there is still a confusion on her age in 2050 and how she was able to give birth at that age!! [spoiler] I believe she has timetravel from 2020-2030 to 2050 but the reason is unknow [/spoiler] Kwak Si Yang as Min Hyeok was another tragic character and while he didnt get the end i felt he should have ; he was superb throughout; felt like a third wheel [spoiler] As a father and as a Lover too [/spoiler] Lee Da-In as Kim Do-yeon has finally a good main role ; she was bubbly and wonderful and also bought comedic relief to otherwise serious thriller [spoiler] you have to see Jin-gyeom face when she starts cat fights with Tae Yi [/spoiler]. She is also another rock that supported Jin-gyeom and helped him grow emotionally. Special mention to Hyun Seok and In Sook for raising Jin-gyeom well !!! VERDICT ---------- Even though there are so many flaws this show kept me invested from the beginning till the end and I enjoyed In short it's a time travel mess and if you want to enjoy this show just don't search for logic because at the end it is a drama In one line this show is a sci fi thriller which gets converted into a messed up melodramatic love story by the end and I am seriously confused should I recommend this or not because even if I enjoyed this show everyone does not have a same taste like me so watch at your own risk P.S : "Train" that ended not long before this one did things much better, it worked perfectly with different universes.


    A Masterpiece! Summary: Alice is a major masterpiece. Some details: I. Time-travel -- I am very critical when it comes to time-travel stories. The writers of Alice handled this very well with just 16 episodes. They backed it with current science and theories and less on artistic freedom. They also handled well the grandfather paradox. Were there loopholes in the time-travel? At first, it appears so but after watching the whole series there is none. In the finale episode, many would probably think there were a lot of loopholes but I beg to differ, there were none as far as the theories and science used by the series they did this one well. II. Acting -- The acting of everyone were superb. From the comedy to seriousness, from the love triangle to family love, and from the future to the past to the present. I have no idea the sequence of filming you did--all past scenes first for example, or was it mixed--but everything fit perfectly. III. Music -- The background music were in the right place and at the right time. Not too soon, not too long, and definitely not in the wrong places. It was not used to elicit emotions, the music was there to add an additional layer to an already complex dynamics. IV. Story -- This is the most important part. The story is very deep and thought-provoking. It is a love story about a mother and her son. It is a love story about the son and a person who looks exactly like his mother. A love story about the son who was adopted and grew up with another family. It is a story about camaraderie. And it is also a story about time-travel and the repercussions and morals of it. Having weaved all these different stories to form one grand story is not an easy thing to do in a 16-episode series. This is usually possible in a novel or comics but the writers of "Alice" and the director were able to pull it off. It started with love and ended with love. Time has no beginning and no end but people do.

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