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American Restoration

American Restoration

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AMERICAN RESTORATION features Rick Dale and his crew of loose screws at Rick's Restorations in Las Vegas, Nevada, as they take rusty, beat-up items and restore them to their original glory. Whether it's a giant gas pump from the 1940s or a Hopalong Cassidy bicycle from the 1950s, every restoration is a high-stakes business project where worthless rust is transformed into a valuable collectible. However, these restorations aren't easy. Every project presents unique challenges for Rick and his team, who develop inventive processes to finish each job flawlessly and on time. From old gas carts to timeless slot machines, the items Rick restores are part of the fabric that makes up American culture. Things just aren't made like they used to be, but at Rick's Restorations, old becomes new again.

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The 10 Best Episodes of American Restoration

American Restoration - S5E20

#1 - David Copperfield: Rick Works His Magic (Season 5 - Episode 20)

Illusionist David Copperfield calls the shop, wanting to have two items restored.

The episode was rated 8.36 from 42 votes.

American Restoration - S5E21

#2 - Sparks Will Fly (Season 5 - Episode 21)

Rick negotiates for a rare 1963 Simplex Sportsman Shriner's Bike; Ron bargains with a bar.

The episode was rated 8.28 from 36 votes.

American Restoration - S3E14

#3 - Blast Off! (Season 3 - Episode 14)

Rick and his crew take on two very large and challenging projects: a 1960s rocket slide and a Wayne gas pump conversion. Later, another meticulous toy restoration comes in. With the business' reputation on the line, the crew is pushed to capacity in order fill customers' orders.

The episode was rated 8.07 from 28 votes.

American Restoration - S5E26

#4 - Slap-Shots and Stogies (Season 5 - Episode 26)

When a broken-down 1950s Table Hockey Game slides into the shop, Rick takes a shot at taking this toy from the sidelines back into play. Then, the shop goes all in on an antique 1910s Slot Machine which once paid out cigars instead of cash. Can the guys take this gambling gadget and make it a showpiece, or will the restoration go up in smoke?

The episode was rated 8.03 from 38 votes.

American Restoration - S5E2

#5 - Pegasus on a Pedestal (Season 5 - Episode 2)

Rick and his crew see a big challenge after a rare 1940s Mobil Pegasus sign rolls into the shop. And when the client asks for it to spin on top of a pole, the hunt is on to make this restoration fly. But the team gets more than they bargained for when they meet Leonard, a self-proclaimed picking-nerd, who hopes to score a job at the shop.

The episode was rated 8.03 from 78 votes.

American Restoration - S5E17

#6 - Big Macs and Cool Tracks (Season 5 - Episode 17)

A Califone portable record player from 1950 and a bit of a McDonald's playground from the 1970s are restored to their former glory.

The episode was rated 8.00 from 38 votes.

American Restoration - S5E7

#7 - Pitch Perfect (Season 5 - Episode 7)

When a 1960s Electric Mini-Car arrives for a car show quality upgrade, the crew's got the challenge of making this sparky little roadster into a fast and safe ride for the open road. Will this pint-size put-put prove to be a full-size headache? Then, Rick feels the heat when he's asked to throw the first pitch in a LA Dodger's game. Ron tries coaching his big bro, but will Rick's pitch on the mound be a ball or a strike?

The episode was rated 7.99 from 70 votes.

American Restoration - S5E19

#8 - Un-Kniev-Able (Season 5 - Episode 19)

A vintage arcade game; Ron bargains with a bar.

The episode was rated 7.98 from 48 votes.

American Restoration - S5E18

#9 - Bond Ambition (Season 5 - Episode 18)

An authentic submarine car from a James Bond movie; Ron and Tyler try to strike a deal.

The episode was rated 7.98 from 46 votes.

American Restoration - S5E14

#10 - George Clinton: Funky Yeah! (Season 5 - Episode 14)

When music legend George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic arrives with a funked up 1920s Chickering Baby Grand Piano, the team preps for a pitch-perfect project. Can Rick hit the right notes on this classic instrument, or will the project fall flat? Then, when word gets out that P-Funk will put on a concert for the big reveal, Brettly and Tyler try to take charge of the planning. Can they pull off a spectacular show, or will it be a funky flop?

The episode was rated 7.96 from 27 votes.

American Restoration - S5E16
#11 - Back to Four Square
Season 5 - Episode 16

When a rare British 1950s Ariel Square-Four motorcycle speeds into the shop, the crew goes full throttle to restore this vintage ride. Can Rick take this broken-down bike and make it road-trip worthy? Then, when Ron and Leonard need lessons on how to use the shop's fork-lifts, Tyler makes them practice using giant excavators. But when the master, macho-man Ron, challenges his 98-pound proteg , Leonard, to a big-rig contest, no one's sure who will be student and who will be teacher.

The episode was rated from 41 votes.
American Restoration - S4E13
#12 - Un-Predicta-ble
Season 4 - Episode 13

When a 1950s Predicta TV arrives for an update, Rick must decide how to combine old-school nostalgia with modern-day technology. Later, an 1890s barber-shop towel steamer makes an appointment for a razor-sharp restoration. Then, when Rick asks Tyler and Brettly to create a TV ad to show off the Predicta remodel, he wonders if they'll make a commercial masterpiece or a small-screen snafu.

The episode was rated from 37 votes.
American Restoration - S5E9
#13 - Shocks, Locks and Clocks
Season 5 - Episode 9

Rick feels a jolt of panic when an early 1900s Electro-Shock Alarm Clock arrives in need of hard-to-find parts. Can Leonard the picker, expert in things weird and scientific, save the day on this creepy contraption? Later, the shop's got a problem when trying to convert a vintage 1940s Wayne Gas Pump into a polo player's equipment locker.

The episode was rated from 70 votes.
American Restoration - S5E8
#14 - Search Part-y
Season 5 - Episode 8

When Rick is tasked to repurpose a retro Cigarette Dispenser into a Bike Tool Vending Machine, the wheels are set in motion for a pedal-to-the-metal project. Then, Tyler steps in for Rick to bid on rare 1950s Pedal Bulldozer project. Can they rise to the challenge and give this pile of parts a pick-me-up?

The episode was rated from 65 votes.
American Restoration - S5E25
#15 - Tune-in & Tune-up
Season 5 - Episode 25

When a one-of-a-kind quarter-scale model of a 1932 Hudson car arrives in the shop, Rick and the guys put the wheels in motion for a museum-quality makeover. Can they turn this small car into a big deal or will the restoration run out of gas? Then, a 1950s pillow speaker--a radio used by hospitals to play music for bed-ridden patients--arrives looking for a dreamy restoration. Can Rick bring the music back to this sleepy speaker or will the project hit a clunker?

The episode was rated from 32 votes.
American Restoration - S5E12
#16 - Riders of the Storm
Season 5 - Episode 12

When an New Jersey amusement park owner brings a Hurricane Sandy damaged 1920s Haunted House Car to the shop, the pressure is on to restore a piece of history for a recovering community. With the help of Ted and new painter Niko, Rick hopes to help this wreck-on-wheels once again take some spooky spins.

The episode was rated from 61 votes.
American Restoration - S3E37
#17 - Nut Job
Season 3 - Episode 37

A client s expectations are sky high when he agrees to a $10,000 restoration of his early 1900 s peanut roaster. Later, Ron and Tyler go digging for gold in a California picker s backyard that is loaded with antique gas pumps and signs. Ron buys a vintage English taxi and sets out to prove to Rick that it was worth the investment.

The episode was rated from 23 votes.
American Restoration - S2E10
#18 - Rusted and Busted
Season 2 - Episode 10

Rick and his crew drive full speed ahead when a 1960s coin-operated motorcycle roars into the shop. Can they burn restoration rubber with this kiddie contraption, or will this rapid refurbishment suddenly hit the skids? And later, a client brings in a crumbling 1950s bumper car. Will Rick decide to buckle up and steer this challenging overhaul, or will this retro amusement park ride be more trouble than its worth?

The episode was rated from 40 votes.
American Restoration - S5E15
#19 - Off the Rails
Season 5 - Episode 15

It's full steam ahead when returning customer Mark Bassett brings in a late 1800s Velocipede, sometimes called a railroad hand-car. Can Rick turn this wreck on wheels into a museum-quality marvel or will the project go off the rails? Then, the shop powers up when a 1940s Battery Charger bolts in. Will Rick have the power to give this project a jolt or will the restoration run out of juice?

The episode was rated from 26 votes.
American Restoration - S2E13
#20 - American Hero
Season 2 - Episode 13

When a client flies in with a helicopter gunner helmet from the Vietnam war, Rick and his crew have to suit up for some restoration recon. Can they get clearance to polish up this American heroes heli-hat, or will they have to call in some air-support? And later, it's bottoms up for the guys when they pop the tab on a classic 1948 Coca-Cola vending machine makeover. Can the guys quickly quench their thirst on this fizzy fix-up, or will this carbonated contraption explode in their faces?

The episode was rated from 32 votes.

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