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KBS Kyoto 2012

When Kouichi arrives at his new school, he immediately senses something frightening in the atmosphere of his new class, something that no student wants to talk about and that seems to be related to a mysterious and silent girl.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Another

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    I finished it in 2 days and it was absolutely super. Its atmosphere was very appropriate for the anime. Its characters and setting are harmonically related. The story itself was promising. I doubted that they would screw up the final episodes but fortunately they did it. Its dark and pessimistic atmosphere attract you. Additionally, if you've noticed this atmosphere disappears with the resolution of the events.


    Great plot with a perfect atmosphere. It was more of a Thriller than a Horror and Each episode kept me on the edge. Though as the story progresses this atmosphere starts fading little by little and it became more like "Who is going to die next?". Overall it was perfect for 12 episodes. Definitely recommended to watch!


    well... I'm not really difficult, but the story in itself was quite weak... The beginning is not that bad, but I really hated the ending : everything is unnatural, messy and poor. This is not really a spoiler but [spoiler] spending more than an hour in a burning (wooden) house without even caring is what I would call a terrible realisation... [/spoiler] In the end ? If you like thriller-like stories with a bit to think about (but really not much) and you don't search for something else, you can give it a try, but this was a waste of my time.


    I really liked it. Got me into anime in general.


    Tavsiyemdir gizemi olsun, hikayesi olsun, sürükleyiciliği olsun 10 numara olmuş çok kısa bir sürede bitirdim çok iyi bir anime.


    Nothing special. Really wish I hadn't bothered. Can't really recommend it over most of the anime I have watched so far.


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