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FOX 2017

After a billionaire engineer witnesses his best friend’s murder, he takes charge of Chicago’s troubled 13th District and reboots it as a technically innovative police force, challenging the district to rethink everything about the way they fight crime.

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    Throw a bunch of cop show clichés, and actors from previously cancelled cop shows, in a blender... and you have APB. Sprinkling drones, some tech gear, and a citizen crime reporting app on top is just lipstick-on-a-pig as it's nothing more than an old-style episodic crime-of-the-week series. Watch it fast before it disappears into obscurity.


    Procedural. I hate procedurals. That case-of-the-week format just does not work for me. APB has an interesting premise but fails to execute on anything remotely edgy. They are going the safe route and in today's TV world that is extremely boring and unoriginal. The characters are bland and utterly forgetful, dialogue is written as throw away lines and the world they created eerily lacks depth and realism. Good television allows you to get lost in it. APB is just too detached from reality, which can be a good thing when you tell the story of people being stranded on a magic island after an airplane crash. Being detached from reality for a cop show is not good. Therefore I doubt this show will see a second or even the backend of its first season.


    _Yet_ another Almost Human rehash. This time with some kind of origin story. Mixed with a terrible, terrible wet-dream phantasy of a multi-billionaire, bored guy fixing the problems of everyone else with engineering stuff. MacGyver (original) in unlikable/stupid...well basically another MacGyver (2016). The focus lies on the two people on the cover and we all know they'll [spoiler]fall for each other sooner than later the moment they talk to each other in private[/spoiler] because...yes, why exactly? Sadly, Justin Kirk is an incredibly bad actor, unlikable to the core, while Natalie Martinez is doing just fine. The writing is consistently nonsensicle. The show is dangerous in what it portrays, also. Taserweapons I'd call excessive force. Drones that mean a huge privacy issue. Untested vehicles/gadgets. A shady af hacker on the button to wreak havoc, even doing so ("digital justice", ohh, that cringe). Changes to the executive (in that one district) endangering everyone living in its department. Having enough money can buy you executive rights, meaning you can "legally" endanger those people. There's so much wrong with the basic setup of the world. It's like this is some mix of leftover ideas from past seasons (or other TV shows) and the network needed something to fill a timeslot and was desperate to mix it all together. It's not entirely abysmal like other longer running TV series, but clearly a low-effort show that's supposed to fill another timeslot, only running for one season (unless, like always, for some reason successful). Although, to be fair, the CGI is surprisingly good (still 90s-ish) compared to other, higher budget shows. Clearly execs of different networks can't let the idea of Almost Human go either...


    i had some hopes on this one, but after seeing two episodes it all felt down like the wall in game of thrones season 7 episode 7. tipical bullshit here, one is billionaire who think thats money everything and he gets into police department to be a smartass. anyway its unreal, boring and annoying. 1/10


    this was a great show.


    Nope...tried episode 2....and still nope... stopped halve way episode 2. Has a lot of potential, but....nope


    Was hoping for so much more but left me empty. Wooden comes to mind.


    Hi all I'm here to tell you this show is absolutely terrifying. I had to quit because I feel like it's prepping us for the privatization of the police through a tony stark actalike and that is absolutely gutwrenchingly terrifying.


    I only watched the second episode because I thought it had to get better: It didn't. I wouldn't bet on there being a Season 2.


    I've watched the first six episodes of this show and honestly it's not good. I'm not bothered with it being a procedural. I love procedurals. The crimes being solved in this show are just so heavily reliant on the technology that it's not very interesting to watch. Not only this, they've only just brushed the surface on the ramifications of a billionaire CEO being able to buy a precinct like this. Sure this CEO has good intentions, but this sets a precedent for others in their world and I would love to see them lean more heavily on this. Also, there's so much drone usage in this show. I wish they could touch more on the concerns of such heavy drone usage and the problems that arise like surveillance and privacy. It's an interesting concept but I wish they could have done a better job of pulling it off.

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