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Bad Girls

Bad Girls

ITV 1999

Step inside HMP Larkhall and meet the women of G-Wing, who've committed various offences that range from shoplifting to murder. Bad Girls shows what life is like for these women in the 'inside world' and also shows the real-life problems (and maybe behaviour!) of the officers who watch them!

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The 10 Best Episodes of Bad Girls

Bad Girls - S8E11

#1 - Christmas Special 2006


Season 8 - Episode 11

Christmas is not Sylvia Hollamby’s favourite time of year and this year isn’t going to be any different. With all the drains on G Wing overflowing, everyone’s wondering what’s causing it and when a decomposed hand rises to the surface could Natalie have been found? Hollamby gets a surprise visit from a face from the past ...

The episode was rated from 18 votes.

Bad Girls - S6E8

#2 - Series 6 - Episode 8


Season 6 - Episode 8

After being arrested for murder, Tanya is questioned about poisoning Al, but the case against her looks weak and other inmates are soon pulled in for questioning. When the poison is traced back to the rhubarb, the Costa Cons try to get rid of incriminating evidence - but it appears to be too late. The Julies enjoy a birthday party to remember. Frances and Tanya forge an unlikely alliance when a plan to get to Tanya comes to light

The episode was rated from 12 votes.

Bad Girls - S7E13

#3 - Christmas Special


Season 7 - Episode 13


The episode was rated from 15 votes.

Bad Girls - S8E8

#4 - Series 8 - Episode 8


Season 8 - Episode 8

Still in shock after killing a man during her bungled bank hold-up, Tina O'Kane is returned to Larkhall and tries to take her own life. Pat Kerrigan realises that she will have to move Natalie's corpse from the tumble dryer in the laundry. Lou Stoke is furious with Dr Rowan Dunlop for leading her on. Janine Nebeski is desperate for more action with PO Donny Kimber - but he decides that the relationship has to stop. Lou's druggy sister Vicky gets a job teaching music in G-Wing.

The episode was rated from 15 votes.

Bad Girls - S6E11

#5 - Series 6 - Episode 11


Season 6 - Episode 11

The plans for Di and Jim's wedding go ahead with bride and groom unaware that Neil Grayling and Karen Betts are secretly planning to ruin Jim's life. Karen finally finds a piece of evidence, while Sylvia tries to find a ""plus one"" for Di's wedding. Milly is about to confess to the murder of her father - for which Kris was put away for life... But will a tragedy and a serious accident change events?!

The episode was rated from 18 votes.

Bad Girls - S8E1
#6 - Series 8 - Episode 1
Season 8 - Episode 1

Governor Joy Masterton is disgusted when her new deputy, Lou Stoke, turns up for her first day at Larkhall reeking of booze and the worse for wear. A new inmate arrives - Emira Al Jahani, the wife of a suspected terrorist bomber. The girls treat her with contempt, but Natalie discovers that she's a chemistry student and has soon bullied her into constructing a drugs laboratory. The others jump to the conclusion that Emira is planning a chemical attack and panic ensues.

The episode was rated from 17 votes.
Bad Girls - S5E7
#7 - Episode Seven
Season 5 - Episode 7

Snowball met up with Ritchie for a final visit, but all doesn't go according to plan! Christopher Biggins was held hostage by the inmates who were protesting about privatisation. Neil discovers who had been vandalising his car and desk but got a shock announcement from Di when he threatened to have a 'coming out party' on the wing! The Costa Cons were moved to an open prison but left their 'Chateux Larkhall' behind! Yvonne met up with the POs in riot gear...and got a terrible shock as she walked past the visiting room! Eric Bostock made a decision on whether or not his company would privatise Larkhall...

The episode was rated from 21 votes.
Bad Girls - S5E15
#8 - Episode Fifteen
Season 5 - Episode 15

The episode was rated from 14 votes.
Bad Girls - S6E12
#9 - Series 6 - Episode 12
Season 6 - Episode 12

Kris Yates has made a dramatic escape from Larkhall prison and her lover Selena is in the spotlight for being her accomplice. In the final episode of the current series, Karen Betts is relieved to have some evidence against Jim Fenner. But when it's dismissed as weak, Karen panics, could she end up behind bars for a crime she didn't commit? Tina O' Kane is convinced she's pregnant and is naively planning a rosy future with Benjamin once she is released. Soon Bev and Phyl conjure up a seance for Tina to contact dead Al to tell her all the good news. The lights are dimmed and wide-eyed Tina and Darlene are soon treated to the gruff, Scottish accent voice of Al coming from the mouth of Bev. But there is trouble ahead when Darlene is told the name of the murderer. Soon an almighty fight breaks out on G-wing when six-footer Darlene Cake and Natalie Buxton fight for their lives. Meanwhile, Selena is delighted to find runaway Kris but is duty-bound to hand her to the authorities. Will Selena

The episode was rated from 15 votes.
Bad Girls - S7E1
#10 - Series 7 - Episode 1
Season 7 - Episode 1

Jim receives a taste of his own medicine in a prison cell of his own... How will he get out of this situation!? On G-Wing, Governor Neil Grayling starts to make changes and announces that he will take full responsibility for the wing. Two newcomers arrive - Janine is furious with her partner-in-crime Arun for confessing to their credit card scam. Tina O'Kane hates her new freedom and tries her best to get back inside... but will she end up on G-wing or on another wing? Bev and Phyl plan to teach Bodybag a lesson. Top Dog Natalie Buxton is rubbing up her fellow inmates the wrong way.

The episode was rated from 15 votes.

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Totally underrated series about female prisoners - OITNB and Wentworth eat your heart out. Helen Stewart and Nikki Wade's storyline was a joy to watch.. and I guess ahead of its time!

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