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NBC 2014

Believe is about an unlikely relationship between a gifted young girl and a man sprung from prison who has been tasked with protecting her from the evil elements that hunt her power.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Believe

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  • Last updated: feb 15, 2021



    This show had so much potential, and already had a great first season. Worst cancellation of 2014


    where is episode 13? i've watched it, so i know it exists, but it's just... not here?


    Great series. It seems like the networks only cancel sci-fi or fantasy series' and leave on the trashy "reality shows"-too many to name.


    great show thanks a lot you all


    Awwwn, Bo is so cute. I really don't understand why this show was canceled. It makes me really sad.


    An uninspired show that confuses withheld information for mystery, fast-paced cliches for suspense, and saccharine throwaway scenes for drama. Nearly every episode's confrontation is resolved with a deus ex machina, and most of the dialogue and exposition treats the viewer like a simpleton. I found it boring and repetitive.


    Una serie estupenda. Si alguien entiende porque la quitaron, que me lo explique por que yo no lo comprendo.


    Replace a restarted boy (Touch) with a much more talkative girl and you get Believe...


    man the networks always cancel good shows.


    Wow, where do I even begin? This show was such a train wreck right from the Pilot. The basic premise is old wine in a new bottle. A kid has supernatural powers and of course the "bad guys" want to exploit her abilities and weaponise her and the "good guys" try to protect her and keep her safe. With the talent behind the camera, I was hoping there would be something new. By the end of episode 3, I couldn't believe what I was watching. By then it had derailed into unintentionally hilarious territory from being something promising during the early part of Pilot. The only reason why I even wanted to watch the show was Alfonso Cuaron and Kyle MacLachlan. As a fan of 'Twin Peaks' and the character of 'Dale Cooper' which I feel is one of the greatest characters on TV of all time, I just wanted to see Kyle on TV again. But alas, he was wasted in a poorly written character. Among the performances, Johnny Sequoyah was so good as Bo Adams. She really surprised me. I hope she joins a new show soon. Jake McLaughlin was awful initially but he did improve as the show progressed. Delroy Lindo was also great as Dr. Milton Winter. I had no idea about all the drama happened behind the scenes like co-creator Mark Friedman left the show and the EP Dave Erickson who took over also left the show few months later and the production went on a month long hiatus. All this even before the show premiered. No wonder the show turned out the way it did. I still enjoyed the ride as a ”it's so bad, it's good” kind of show. Thankfully they do wrap up the storylines and there’s no major cliffhanger. You could totally have a drinking game while watching this. Do a shot every time a character says "believe'. I am sure you would be pretty wasted by the end of every episode. PS: The episode 'Perception' was originally supposed to be episode 7. Just in case if someone still wants to watch this.

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