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Between is the story of a town under siege from a mysterious disease that has wiped out everybody except those 21 years old and under. The series explores the power vacuum that results when a government has quarantined a 10-mile diameter area and left the inhabitants to fend for themselves.

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  • Last updated: apr 18, 2022



    I don't understand why people are complaining about the acting. What do you expect from a bunch of children? This show has a very promising plot. I'm really looking froward to the next season; if there is one.


    good idea, poorly executed. the bad acting really throws a punch on this one. must be one of the worst performances i saw in a tv show. shame, i really wanted to enjoy this one....


    This is, hands down, probably the worst TV show I've seen to date. I don't really think there's much good I can say about it. The acting was god awful, the writing was atrocious as it didn't go anywhere and there wasn't any build up if conflict. If there was conflict it was resolved easily. This is one of those shows where they had a decent idea but just keep throwing things at the idea until they found something stuck but wasn't necessarily the best option. This could have been really good had they searched for better actors and spent more time in the writing room. I'm even more shocked that this a Netflix original because, failing to provide anything else, Netflix Originals do provide really stunning cinematography but this didn't even really bring that to the table. Severe disappointment and waste of my time. 2/10*


    The concept of the show is fine on paper, though it's been done before lots of times and there's not really anything new here. The real problem lies in the amazingly horrible execution. If you want to see a show with: - paper-thin characters almost all of whom you'll really hate and who keep making the dumbest decisions motivated by absolutely nothing other than the plot - pretty bad acting with the actors often looking like they're just waiting for production to finally end - boring subplots and conflicts that mostly feel like they just exist to fill time and are usually caused by the dumbest coincidences and/or stupidity of the characters - very lazy storytelling with lots of telling instead of showing and the characters beating you over the head with repetitive exposition - overall really horrible writing, predictable and cliché-filled story developments on one side and on the other one scenes that are meant to be scary, emotional, horrifying, surprising or thrilling but you're just sitting there laughing at how unbelievably nonsensical and bad they are (same applies to a lot, if not most of the dialogue) then this is the show for you. If you don't need any of those, steer clear and don't waste your time. Other shows get better or worse with time, this one is just consistently bad. Even in the few episodes where you think they're finally on to something interesting, they ruin it a few minutes later. This includes the very messy final episode - don't hope for a satisfying ending that ties it all together, there isn't one. The show ends in a cliffhanger that feels very tacked on, ending an episode that aimlessly throws stuff into the story with no clear direction. I doubt they ever really had a plan about where to go with this story in the long run.


    This is probably the worst show I've ever watched - acting, plot development, characters... everything is extremely poorly executed. I feel disrespected as a sci-fi consumer really.


    Adam, the geek guy, is supposed to be highly intelligent, but he constantly makes stupid decisions based on emotions, which is exactly opposite of what intelligent people do. Bleh.


    Unsure about this one, it started okay.. Nothing special but i feel like this could find its way a few episodes in, almost most of the shows recently seem to get better a few episodes in. The acting isn't the best i've seen but the storyline is enough to keep me interested. Fingers crossed i'm right.


    Interesting start. Feels pretty similar to Michael Grant's GONE novels with a darker tone, or a blend of the Leftovers and The 100 only not quite as good as either show yet (although that said, its pilot was better than The 100's pilot - the show got a lot better in season 2, though). It's got potential to be pretty good though and the approach to release it on a weekly basis rather than all at once for Netflix is certainly interesting. Will follow this as there's not much new shows out now. Cool concept though.


    nice. hope they make a second season.


    Até aicarlen é melhor que essa bomba.

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