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Freeform 2017

Holden wakes up from a coma after 12 years and discovers new abilities that propel him into the middle of a dangerous conspiracy.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Beyond

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    So now we know where terrible teen series wind up when they're not even mediocre enough for the CW Network: Freeform-TV, home of CW rejects. Ridiculous plot, low-budget effects and a cast in desperate need of training -- there's nothing good about "Beyond".


    not too good, not too bad. decent flr watching when you don't have anything else to watch


    Amazing Pilot! Couldn't take my eyes away.


    first episode was really good but just went downhill from there


    This series had promise but fell apart after the first 4 episodes. The dialogue became inane. The "yellow jacket" villain was poorly written and played. The Realm had no internal reality. The "Church" was poorly conceived, especially how a cult with "no Judeo-Christian root" (as Jeff explains) could be have such public support (ie. volunteers, congregants) in small town America. The show runner seemed to lose the thread of the series, allowing it to take ridiculous turns. The continuity is sloppy. And, the biggest failure is that the relationships between characters just doesn't make sense, there is no attention to building rapport, forging bonds or chemistry (although the second season improved somewhat over the first). By the 9th episode I was just watching to give a fair review and to see if there was a grand design behind the mess. The premise could have supported a great series. What a shame. I give the first episodes for episodes a 7 (potential) but the rest of the series ranged between a 4 (poor) and a 6 (fair) out of 10. [Fantasy]


    This whole show is just a mess. After I trudged through Season 1 while it was airing, I never thought it'd be able to gain a second. The first season is not well acted, poor plot, and is veeerrryyy boring. [3/10] Season 2, to my surprise, was better than the first. But not by much. It had a clear story, even though some aspects were just stupid. It played with roles and had some tension anyway. [4/10] Did the whole 14hrs pay off? No. It is very cliche in the plot, heroes and villains. If I had to sum it up; it's a modern, worse version of The Shannara Chronicles, and that show isn't even that good. But the studio has realised, and this show has been cancelled after two seasons. [spoiler]Yes, it ends on a cliffhanger.[/spoiler]


    Season 1 was really good, but #2 is trudging along right from the first episode. They promise it'll be really good... hoping it gets good soon.


    Love this show... can't wait for season 2


    I found the pilot was good and got me interested. Visual effects were not really good but whatever. Story was a bit slow but had great potential. By episode 4, I was hooked and stayed up until 3am on a week day because of end of episodes cliffhangers. Then it all start to go down [spoiler]at Ep09. Holden get dumb AF, the plot makes no sense, all intrigue is lost. All the ideas, character back stories, images, hidden motivations of the plot that you extrapolated in your mind disappear and you realise you are watching something really basic. The worst anticlimactic buildup leading to a virtually empty final except for a tasteless semblance of a cliffhanger opening the door for an even worst season 2 that makes you regret having spent 7 hours 10 minutes watching that show. [/spoiler] I am now ashamed of spoking so highly of that series to my friends and colleagues before finishing it. Butt I know that when the time comes, I might watch S02E01 with morbid curiosity...

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