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Blood Drive

Blood Drive

Syfy 2017

Set in a near-dystopian future, a former cop is forced to take part in a death race where the cars run on human blood. You lose a leg and you lose your head.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Blood Drive

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  • Last updated: jul 22, 2022



    Absolutely, amazingly ridiculous, over the top grindhouse homage. Is it award worthy TV? Fuck no. But it sure is entertaining as shit if you enjoy the genre. If you donโ€™t well move along then.


    when they said "Oh, and forget gasoline...these cars run on human blood!" i signed in.


    James Roland is a genius. I still can't figure out how he convinced executives to produce this terrible piece of television. It is so bad that I can't find one good thing to say about it. Stay clear of this, it won't last long anyway before it is cancelled. edited after watching whole season: You know those things that are so bad that they come out on the other side and feel good. This show is like this. I still think it's bad. Sin City 2 bad. But I am glad that it had a chance to air, and I don't regret wasting my time watching it.


    I'm bound by compulsion to write something about this show. That Thad from Blue Mountain State would be a lead has to be one of the most on-the-nose brilliant casting decisions a show like this can make. What makes this powerful though isn't the "it's so *its genre!* but that it allows for the flexibility and creativity muscles within the genre to flex. It's not enough to simply be into cheese or camp, this, somehow, managed to make you intrigued by the individual characters at least as much as you want to see the next obscene sexual or violent act. It managed to go so over the top in episode 5 that it became something of a performance art piece for me. It's not "trying too hard," it's just simply trying, and you can respect the creators and story-tellers behind it. This isn't a show I sought out, this isn't a show that I normally lean towards or advocate for, this isn't even a genre I find overwhelmingly interesting, but this show pushed the magic button in my head that made me stop watching it at 1.5 or 2x's the speed, not because the dialogue is brilliant or the plot is intricate or hard to follow, but because it's actually fun to ride along. I look forward to the next balls out crazy shit thing they're going to get themselves into. It slips in enough aberrant mysticism or weirdness here and there, but doesn't rely on it, and it's happy to slap you in the face as often as it takes until you're crying out for more. Hats off, Blood Drive. I hope it keeps the pace and I look forward to sticking with it.


    Best description of a TV show I have ever read! You can't describe the show better than this :D


    This is great. The camp, the kitch, the aesthetics, even the cinematography so to speak. If you're expecting The Wire you're clearly not watching the right show but what do you expect with the premise and ads?


    this show is not for everyone, but it is absolutely INSANE. i feel like it's a love it or hate it kinda deal - every episode is different while still focusing on the main plots, and it's just really good guilty pleasure Trash television


    what a load of b........


    OK second drive and i love it again why not make again great shows like this lol Alone the movie years back was so cool


    Big fan of Grind House so this show definitely scratch my itch for the genre. I see it was cancelled but think it could of had more success as a anthology series like AHS. I highly recommend this show, it was a fun watch.

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