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Blue Heelers

Blue Heelers

Seven Network 1994

Blue Heelers was one of Australia's longest running weekly television drama series. Blue Heelers is a police drama series set in the fictional country town of Mount Thomas. Under the watchful eye of Tom Croydon (John Woods), the men and women of Mount Thomas Police Station fight crime, resolve disputes and tackle the social issues of the day. We watch their successes and their failures and learn to grow with them and their loved ones as the heart of the series develops.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Blue Heelers

#1 - Spinning the Yarn


Season 5 - Episode 22

When Maggie and PJ are called to a wealthy grazier's to investigate a wool theft they are greeted by a mob of naked sheep instead of the empty wool shed they expected to find. The grazier points the finger at an ex-shearer and old time rival, but Maggie and PJ discover he is not the only person with reason to dislike the grazier. Other suspects include the recently sacked manager of the property and the grazier's own daughter who has her own powerful reasons to resent her father. As they Investigate the theft, Maggie and PJ discover a secret love affair between the daughter and the son of the man he most despises, the ex-shearer. Could the two of them be planning to use the stolen wool clip to start a new life together? The boy is a talented pianist and Dash's mum, Beth McKinley, is leading a group of citizens raising money for him to study music overseas. Dash, meanwhile, is recovering from her first chemotherapy treatment for cancer and finding it difficult return to work and get on

The episode was rated from 1 votes.

#2 - Waiting for Apples


Season 1 - Episode 5

An annual racing event brings an array of colourful characters to Mount Thomas.

The episode was rated from 3 votes.

#3 - The Whistle Blower


Season 5 - Episode 8

PJ is stepping out in style—back in uniform as the Acting Sergeant. But this isn't the only change at Mt. Thomas police station. A new member has arrived; acting CI Deborah Hill and none of the Heelers seems able to make a good impression on her. Deborah is currently suing another member, Sgt. Bill Parker, for sexual harassment and tensions increase when she catches the Heelers talking about it behind her back. Deborah is taking over a case from PJ; a series a warehouse burglaries. PJ believes that a local, Johnny Rossitano, is behind them. He explains to Deborah that he has spoken to Rossitano's girlfriend, April, who has told him that Johnny has teamed up with two out-of-towners, Sean and Michael Murphy. The trio are planning to hit a warehouse tonight. Deborah doesn't think much of PJ's techniques or his information. PJ and Deborah continue to clash as they prepare to stake out the warehouse that night. Tom realises that something has to be done and so tells PJ to back off. When it

The episode was rated from 1 votes.

#4 - When Love's Not Enough


Season 5 - Episode 10

The Heelers face some harsh realities when Dash believes she has stumbled onto a case of neglect. After nearly knocking down a child in the street, Dash searches for the child's mother who turns up hours later. Dash believes that the woman's gambling addiction has led to the neglect of her son. The mother is furious at the allegations and, in the face of very little proof, Tom tries to diffuse the situation. He explains to Dash that her job is to investigate crimes not accuse mothers of neglect. Dash approaches the social worker, Tim Ryan, who promises to look into the situation. But Dash won't be satisfied until the child is out of the woman's care. Meanwhile, Clancy and Leonie Freeman, an intellectually handicapped couple, are having trouble with their baby Rachel. Friends of the Heelers, they have been tricked into handing over all their money to a photographer/con man who seems to work just within the boundaries of the law. Maggie and PJ would like to get the Freeman's money back b

The episode was rated from 1 votes.

Blue Heelers - S5E19

#5 - Deed Not the Breed


Season 5 - Episode 19

Dash is befriended by a stray dog, but when she brings it back to the station, it tries to attack Nick and generally causes havoc. When Tom orders her to send it to the pound, Dash defies him, becoming almost obsessively defensive of the animal. Could this attitude have something to do with the news she has just received about her medical condition? Instead of obeying Tom, Dash advertises on local radio for the owner of the dog to come forward. Unfortunately, two separate contenders appear and, judging by the dog's attitude, neither of them is the real owner. What is going on? Dog attacks have been reported in the area, and the Heelers suspect Dash's new canine friend is the culprit. But when a man reports that his mother's new overcoat was stolen, the Heelers meet another contender—the mother owns a pit bull terrier. Meanwhile the Heelers are tracking down a Wangaratta man reported missing in their district. When they find him, he is dead—mauled to death by a dog. Suddenly things are

The episode was rated from 1 votes.

#6 - Those That Trespass
Season 9 - Episode 13

Sam Baxter, a troubled 15 year old girl, is found breaking in to her mother's store. Her mother, who is tired of this, wants her to be charged. Jo thinks she just wants attention and begins to believe everything Sam says, including that it is her parent's fault. Her criminal father arrives in town and her mother doesn't want anything to do with him but Sam likes him. Instead of being charged, Sam is let off with a warning and has to help an elderly member of Grace's parish, Olive Hemmings, with her housework. Surprisingly the two hit it off and Jo's faith in the girl is restored. But when Olive doesn't turn up at church, she is found bleeding in her house. Someone broke in and stole $2000. A young female called the ambulance and they soon find out it is Sam, staying at her adult boyfriend's house. Sam pushed her over cause she was ""in the way"". Her mother is sure she is ending up like her father. Jo can't believe that the girl she trusted did this. Meanwhile, Jo's parents arrive in tow

The episode was rated from 1 votes.
#7 - Theft
Season 1 - Episode 16

Wayne is accused of theft and his future at the station hangs in the balance.

The episode was rated from 4 votes.
#8 - Breaking the Cycle
Season 2 - Episode 6

A boy at a local school has severely assaulted one of his classmates. After questioning at the station, the boy is charged and sent home. The next morning, the police are called to a tragic case of domestic violence, a case that forces Rose to confront her past when she makes a very wrong assumption.

The episode was rated from 2 votes.
#9 - Trust Me
Season 2 - Episode 18

Sasha betrays Nick's trust to protect her brother during an investigation into stolen car parts.

The episode was rated from 2 votes.
#10 - Out of Harm's Way
Season 2 - Episode 5

A man's abduction of his daughter from his ex-wife gets Adam personally involved when the father insists on only negotiating with him. Nick finds Adam's rifle missing from his locker. He is concerned, knowing that Adam is worried at the prospect of being HIV positive. Adam gets his HIV-test results.

The episode was rated from 3 votes.

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