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Braxton Family Values

Braxton Family Values

WE tv 2011

Join the rambunctious, tight-knit Braxton sisters — Grammy-winning artist Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar — and their headstrong mother for an inside look at their lives and the drama of family chaos. They’ll battle it out for the spotlight with sibling rivalry, man drama, bankruptcy, a DUI and much more! Will their super-close sisterly bond and unconditional love get them through the trials and tribulations of life in the fab lane? You must tune in and watch WE tv's new series, Braxton Family Values, to find out.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Braxton Family Values

Braxton Family Values - S2E25

#1 - Making the Cut


Season 2 - Episode 25

Toni asks sisters to perform with her in St. Lucia while Gabe gets a makeover from Evelyn to prove to Trina he’s a changed man. Trina screens her music video for her biggest critics Tamar and Toni.

The episode was rated from 1 votes.

Braxton Family Values - S3E23

#2 - Shade Anonymous


Season 3 - Episode 23

Trina joins Tamar on the road, but Tamar’s upset the other sisters aren’t there, and misses Vince who’s away visiting doctors. Toni & Babyface speak about their careers. Traci and Toni get pulled over by the cops.

The episode was rated from 5 votes.

Braxton Family Values - S2E13

#3 - Critical Condition


Season 2 - Episode 13

Traci explains how she embraced Toni’s advice to lose some weight, and how seeing Vince’s scary situation was even more motivation.

The episode was rated from 6 votes.

Braxton Family Values - S2E24

#4 - Birthday Party or Go Home


Season 2 - Episode 24

Trina hustles to get ready for her music video shoot. Traci brushes up on her vocals, and sisters throw her a surprise birthday party. The girls worry about Evelyn and stage a diabetes intervention.

The episode was rated from 2 votes.

Braxton Family Values - S3E8

#5 - What’s Cookin’ In The Oven?


Season 3 - Episode 8

Trina contemplates a big move, and the sisters get caught up competing against each other in an intense cook-off. Tamar exposes a surprise in the oven.

The episode was rated from 6 votes.

#6 - Who Wants To Be A Braxton?
Season 3 - Episode 24

Trina, Traci, and Towanda go on a game show and try to win a million dollars. Evelyn is arrested for carrying a taser. Tamar does a meet & greet at a radio station. Toni talks to a biographer about bankruptcies and her biggest regret.

The episode was rated from 5 votes.
#7 - A Very Public Affair
Season 3 - Episode 14

Traci and Trina face questions about their marriages at the Essence Festival. Toni works on her single with Babyface. Tamar promotes her new album.

The episode was rated from 4 votes.
#8 - They Threw A Shoe At You?!?
Season 3 - Episode 21

Tamar and Towanda put aside feud to throw Toni a glamorous birthday dinner. Girls help Evelyn defend herself against a stalker. Toni pushes sisters in ballroom dance class. Trina and Towanda explore a sex shop.

The episode was rated from 6 votes.
#9 - Chix In A Row
Season 3 - Episode 22

Toni sings national anthem at Breeders’ Cup; works on biography. Tamar asks sisters to join her on tour but only Trina shows up. Traci records for her album. Trina gets Gabe’s help for Bar Chix launch party.

The episode was rated from 5 votes.
#10 - Stir Crazy
Season 2 - Episode 14

Mamma Braxton gives her reason as to why Vince pulled through such a rough medical state, and why her family is always there for one another.

The episode was rated from 7 votes.

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