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Camelot is a historical-fantasy-drama television series based on the Arthurian legend, was produced by Graham King, Morgan O'Sullivan and Michael Hirst.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Camelot

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    Eva Green and Joseph Fiennes took it all for me. This was brilliant in its execution and yeah, I didn't particularly like the guy cast as Arthur. Other than that one gripe, superb!


    Not bad but not great. Stack at home, nothing to watch? Good for time pass. The casting of Arthur was horrible, completely wrong person. Don’t expect to be blown away.


    Really liked the show, but 10 episodes is too short. Good ending tho


    Good series. Way too short lived.


    Eva Green and Joseph Fiennes do carry this show a lot especially during the early episodes. Eva has amazing eyes but I also really liked Claire Forlani. Jamie Campbell Bower is an unconvincing Arthur, and this isn´t because of his performance, he just doesn´t sell the role. You have kind of a different picture of King Arthur in mind than this boyish blonde character. So, yeah, he´s a miscast. But production of the show is good, sets and costumes, no complaints there. Took me a while to really get into it but I´d say with the final two episodes the show was good enough to get at least get another 10 Episode second season. Since costs were to high and ratings were declining plus they had to compete against GoT it ultimately let to the cancellation. I would have liked to see more.


    Definitely grittier than the BBC's Merlin, but not as fantastic in writing department (strangely suffered from the same problems as Chris' Doctor Who episodes). Would have been interested to see it develop though, but scheduling problems will arise with big name cast members.


    I love Eva Green & would have been happy to see more of her. The actor chosen for Arthur seemed miscast though.


    it is wonder


    Would have been a much better show without Guinevere. Still, I really liked the ending.. :'|


    How amazing this show was ? Yeah it's not in same league as Game of thrones ,but it's not supposed to be ,totally diffrent really loved eva green just so fantastic.Are they mad cancelling such a great show ? bummed !!!

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