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Comeback 2008

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The sitcom revolves arround Tomáš Pacovský (Tomáš Matonoha), owner of a music store named U Dvou Akordů (Two Accords'), and his family. His brother Ozzák (Martin Dejdar) (the name 'Ozzák' is an allusion to an Ozzy Osbourne fan) is an alcoholic who loves heavy metal music. The majority of jokes and gags are based on his alcoholism and his absolute belief in metal music. Ozzák claims that music which isn't related (more or less) to metal is trash, and not worth of selling, only metal is the true quality, and it should be given away for free. Tomáš has a beautiful, teenage daughter Iva (Kristýna Leichtová) who is (only seemingly) the only normal member of the family.Other characters is Simona (Simona Babčáková), slightly odd, middle-aged woman with a very hooked nose, who owns a pub named "U Jezevce" in the first season, where Ozzák spends most of his free time and money. She has two children. They are neighbours of the Pacovský family. Lexa (Matouš Ruml) is low-intelligent boy who is (albeit platonically) in love with Iva. Saša (Marie Doležalová) is very quiet and good girl.[2]Last main character is Marcela (Dana Batulková). Her husband is Zoran Divić, a gangster from Croatia, big fan of HNK Hajduk Split soccer team and Tomi Paci. She helps in Tomáš's store but that is her hobby, she's not a full-time employee. She may seem that she utterly hates Ozzák, but in fact, she actually has some sort of relationship with him.
Comeback - Season 1
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Comeback - Season 2
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