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Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Netflix 2019

A unique look inside the mind of an infamous serial killer with this cinematic self-portrait crafted from statements made by Ted Bundy, including present-day interviews, archival footage and audio recordings from death row.

The 10 Best Episodes of Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

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    Anyone who is interested in serial killer theme should watch this. It's fascinating and terrifying at the same time. Ted Bundy was always just another serial killer for me. After this limited series I have so many questions about him and his actions. Was he really sick person or just master of manipulation and he exactly knew what was he doing? I had goosebumps because yes I have to admit he had charisma and I hate that fact. Awesome documentary with awesome music. Sometimes a bit slow but highly recommended.


    Very well put together documentary. I watched with goosebumps and disgust for this infamous serial killer.


    Enjoyed this much more than the movie.


    The case that caused the world to coin the phrase "serial killer". Unravels the mystery of Ted Bundy, in his own words. 30 confessed kills, over one hundred suspected murders. This documentary takes its time to give us a picture of a man who could do such monstrous things to women. Well documented. Well told. Difficult to watch, let alone understand. I give this film a 7 (gripping) out of 10. [Crime Documentary]


    A great episodes.Thriller man.This tv series is perfect.


    Anyone interested in crime documentaries should probably watch this , its really well put together , totally enjoyed every second of it

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