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Country Comfort

Country Comfort

Netflix 2021

When an up-and-coming young country singer accepts a job as a nanny with a musical family, she finds the bond she's always missed.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Country Comfort

Country Comfort - S1E10

#1 - Bless the Broken Road


Season 1 - Episode 10

Bailey's time to shine finally arrives - but the Haywoods aren't ready to say goodbye. Brody revisits his feelings for Jo, and Boone drops a bombshell.

The episode was rated from 39 votes.

Country Comfort - S1E5

#2 - Blue


Season 1 - Episode 5

While Tuck and Brody struggle with sibling rivalry, Bailey struggles to balance a big audition and a LeAnn Rimes concert with Cassidy.

The episode was rated from 42 votes.

Country Comfort - S1E9

#3 - You Matter to Me


Season 1 - Episode 9

It's lights, camera, action for Bailey as a Rocky Top Records film crew stops by the ranch… and encounters a less-than-cinematic day of disaster.

The episode was rated from 34 votes.

Country Comfort - S1E7

#4 - You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You


Season 1 - Episode 7

On the heels of exciting news, Bailey struggles to keep her past out of her present and future. Meanwhile, Beau navigates a bad case of heartache.

The episode was rated from 33 votes.

Country Comfort - S1E6

#5 - Summer Lovin'


Season 1 - Episode 6

Beau and Summer's relationship takes center stage after she asks him to spend the night. Elsewhere, Brody and Tuck prepare for a double date night.

The episode was rated from 37 votes.

Country Comfort - S1E8

#6 - Back in the Saddle Again


Season 1 - Episode 8

Boone's big ask leads to a big answer. The following morning, Beau tries to minimize his birthday, much to the dismay of Bailey and the kids.

The episode was rated from 38 votes.

Country Comfort - S1E4

#7 - My Girl


Season 1 - Episode 4

Bailey and the Haywoods make the best of bittersweet news as Beau prepares to replace his late wife's mare. Brody reconnects with an old friend.

The episode was rated from 45 votes.

Country Comfort - S1E2

#8 - Teardrops on My Guitar


Season 1 - Episode 2

As Bailey settles in over breakfast, Dylan kick-starts his career as her new manager. Will a last-minute audition lead to stardom... or serious drama?

The episode was rated from 51 votes.

Country Comfort - S1E3

#9 - Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign


Season 1 - Episode 3

Beau and the kids get cleaned up for a church wedding β€” and encounter an unexpected guest at the house. Meanwhile, Cassidy struggles with her faith.

The episode was rated from 44 votes.

Country Comfort - S1E1

#10 - Crazy


Season 1 - Episode 1

Harmony leads to heartache as aspiring singer Bailey's big break falls to pieces. But a chance encounter on a stormy night leads to new possibilities.

The episode was rated from 58 votes.


Last updated: aug 10, 2022



I first thought it would be the laugh box or the terrible acting that would make me turn this off after a few minutes but decided to battle through it. Then the whole gang [spoiler]grabbed their instruments[/spoiler] and I called it quits. This is so terrible in every single component that makes a TV show. Did I mention the terrible acting? It's on a completely new level of over acting for something made in the West. I would've guessed that this was produced by Hallmark or something like that, not Netflix.


Wow. Funny and emotional show




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