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Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You

tvN 2019

Yoon Se-ri is a beautiful heiress and a leading fashion businesswoman in South Korea, and she meets North Korean military officer Lee Jung-hyeok, when she is swept up by a wind storm and accidentally crashes in North Korean territory while paragliding.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Crash Landing on You

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    ==**Tons of funny scenes, good acting, lovely characters and a really good plot**== [spoiler] I could easily rate this with a 9 but since this was a super high production I'm going to see those little details! TvN gets used to fill their high budget dramas with unnecessary scenes and this wasn't the exception. The first half was really good I can't complain, the second half was kinda meh and predictible, the chemistry between Yejin and hyunbin was so good, all the cast was super funny and watchable, not so sure about the side couple, looks like Kim Jung Hyun can't do comedy anymore without remembering his character from "Welcome to Waikiki" and to be honest all the scenes with him and Seo Ji Hye were boring and somehow longer than what I expected. Glad to see Kim Soo Hyun and Choi Ji Woo as guests. Obviously this isn't the best drama from TvN but is good enough to be at least one of the best of Winter Season.[/spoiler]


    I had lost hope that Netflix would be able to make a good drama since so many dramas by them made me mad that the perfect storyline is not well executed. I watched this drama by chance planning to drop it anytime but I was NEVER able to drop it. Each episode I was afraid that the storyline will be butchered like the rest but it did not. This drama is just so perfect and amazing. I loved it so much and I loved everything about it from the main characters to the side ones like Ri Jeong Hyeoks squad to the village ladies. I hope to see more incredibly perfect dramas like these.


    One of the best korean dramas I've watched.


    Weak plot full of elements that other shows before and after (largely by the same production companies) did better. Some funny scenes, but little chemistry between the actors, and quite forgettable music. Only the mostly-realistic communist nation portrayal truly stays memorable.


    At times it was silly and quite ridiculous. But when it aimed at your emotions? It hit true every single time. Hold on tight and reach for the tissues box. The chance of ending up in tears is high with this one. This is my first time ever watching a K-drama, and I've gotta say, never before have I seen as much crying as I did on this show. Every single episode either one or both leads ended up crying, and it may or may not have tugged at my heartstrings. ~~It definitely did~~. The main couple was marvelous and had incredible chemistry. And all the supporting characters were also great. I especially loved Captain Ri's subordinates. So many laughs with those four. The provided amazing comic relief and were a bunch of lovable goofballs, Thoroughly enjoyable first experience, I look forward to watching plenty more.


    What a wholesome show. 10/10


    My first time watching a K-Drama, I'm speechless. Soooo good! Son Ye-Jin is an amazing actress. Loved everything about this show.


    This is my gateway to K-Drama . This is my first Korean series and i loved it.. The acting , production and cast was way better than many US Teen Rom Coms. [spoiler] The first part of the story is very exciting and but the second part feels long. The only question in my mind through the series is who will compromise ? whether they will live in S/N.Korea. I can't believe the ending ; how can someone so loved can even think of staying apart for a day forget the year(s).... [/spoiler]


    This is the first Kdrama I have seen and damn I loved it! Obsessed with Hyun Bin's face!


    I'm speechless! The rating I've gave this drama explains a lot :)

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