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Will Scott, one of the FBI's leading crypto-analysts is hired to crack a heavily coded document. He soon discovers it's a hit list, putting him in the cross-hairs of the bad guys who want it back. Will must navigate the murky waters of loyalty and betrayal amongst an underground ring of hackers, hit men, and FBI agents - all as the clock ticks in pursuit of the latest targets.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Cypher

Cypher - S1E1

#1 - The Code


Season 1 - Episode 1

When the FBI discover a mysterious ciphered document, they call in one of the best cryptanalyst: Will Scott. As he tries to balance fatherhood and his work, what he deciphers puts his own life at risk.

The episode was rated #1 Best episode of Cypher from 2 votes.

Cypher - S1E2

#2 - Deadman Walking


Season 1 - Episode 2

The mysterious people after the hit list fake Will's death. Now he tries to stay off the streets, and meets a mysterious woman named Claire who takes him in. Will contacts his FBI best friend, Kurt, and suffers the sting of betrayal.

The episode was rated #2 Best episode of Cypher from 0 votes.

Cypher - S1E3

#3 - A Dead End


Season 1 - Episode 3

Will tries to figure out who Kurt was working for, and he returns to Claire's so they can crack the rest of the ciphered list together. Other ominous, interested parties give the FBI investigation team reason to be concerned about who this crypto-analyst "Will" actually is and which side he's on.

The episode was rated #3 Best episode of Cypher from 0 votes.

Cypher - S1E4

#4 - Welcome Back


Season 1 - Episode 4

Will and Claire rush to reach the next victim of The List before it's too late, all while Will tries to stay undercover and appear "dead." The FBI team experience some breakthroughs in their investigation as they try to get to the bottom of those responsible for the death of several FBI agents

The episode was rated #4 Best episode of Cypher from 0 votes.

Cypher - S1E5

#5 - Second Death


Season 1 - Episode 5

Will reconnects with daughter Anna and she promises to keep his secret. The FBI talk with Will's ex-wife and daughter and their frenzy to catch Will increases when Will and Claire slip up and blow their cover. Meanwhile, Will deciphers the next target on The List.

The episode was rated #5 Best episode of Cypher from 0 votes.

Cypher - S1E6

#6 - Achilles' Heel


Season 1 - Episode 6

When the FBI locates a copy of the list, they bring in a new cryptographer to crack the code. Will visits a hacker friend and discovers a new lead to unlock Kurt's phone, which reveals new information about Claire

The episode was rated #6 Best episode of Cypher from 0 votes.

Cypher - S1E7

#7 - The Snake and the Mouse


Season 1 - Episode 7

Claire reveals her true colors and who she works for, and her boss Chris kidnaps Anna so Will feels the pressure to solve the rest of the code. Will returns to the FBI team when he realizes he can't keep going it alone, but both parties struggle to trust one another

The episode was rated #7 Best episode of Cypher from 0 votes.

Cypher - S1E8

#8 - Turning the Page


Season 1 - Episode 8

The FBI arrests and interrogates one of Chris' men, who also turns out to be an agent's lover. Will works with the FBI to plan an operation to rescue Anna in time, but just when things seem like they're going according to plan, The List reveals one final, horrible secret

The episode was rated #8 Best episode of Cypher from 0 votes.

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You can't do slow burn and predictable. Lost me at ep2. Terrible.


You can't be slow burn and predictable. It lost me at ep2.


I really like the storyline with this show - it keeps you interested and you always want to know what's coming up, or where it's going to lead. However... the acting is not the best. Eve Mauro who plays Rece is as bad an actress as you'll ever see outside of a porn movie. She's cringe-worthy. Fortunately, the rest of the cast are a tiny and I mean a TINY bit better at acting. The dialogue is just passible. Production is pretty good. They could easily have tightened up the editing and gotten this series in under 6 episodes, there's just too much stuff we don't need to care about or see played out. If you can suffer through the downside to this show, there's something to watch that's entertaining. If you've sat through Prison Break, anything from CSI or The Blacklist, you can do it!! 6.5/10

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