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Dateline NBC

Dateline NBC

NBC 1992

Dateline presents in-depth coverage of news stories. Rather than just reading news reports, as most news shows do, the reporters for this show research their subjects and interview the people closely involved to create an informative work of investigative journalism.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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My Review of Dateline NBC

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I am more than just a big fan of the newsmagazine Dateline NBC program, due to well-justified reasons that might sound strange to newbies to TV shows that have a combination of police procedural, crime mystery, and drama procedural genres. I have always been addicted to awesome shows such as CSI with Laurence Fishburn and Raymond Langston, The Mentalist with Simon Baker and Robin Tunney, and Elementary with Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. My fanaticism for these shows simply made Dateline NBC a heavenly gift that completes my desires for more in these genres.

Please do not be confused, Dateline is a serious real-life investigative journalism program with a focus on the most serious forms of true crime. It has a cast of well-renowned journalists and experts (that you may also call “crime puzzles and mysteries solvers”), they are professionals who can fill an entire house with awards and recognition trophies granted to them by the most elite and respected TV, journalism, philanthropy, education, and entertainment clubs and organizations.

The program Dateline NBC has been running for three continuous decades, since March 31st, 1992 to be exact. Surveys conducted in the first quarter of 2022 crowned it as the king of all newsmagazine and true crime franchises. It clocked nearly 80 million regular TV viewers in the first quarter of 2022, not to mention 27 billion (that's with a B) view minutes online during the same period.



It literally deserves a genre of its own, it has an immense focus on mystery and in-depth investigative journalism. Historically it covered the most societally enticing and complex stories and serious issues of the day, from mystery crime to in-depth investigations and breaking-news events. However, it has gradually evolved to mainly tackle cases involving mystery crimes, murder, cold cases, and missing people. Each episode or series features only one single story or closely related interconnected stories. It has been awarded multiple Emmys in the news and documentary category. 

I have heard some experts say that Dateline's success can be attributed to their clever use of psychologically mind-numbing cliffhangers that are used prior to commercial breaks and such. However, I like most viewers disagree.

Naturally, the production company behind Dateline is NBC Universal which is owned by Comcast Corporation, a multinational telecommunications conglomerate headquartered in Philadelphia. NBC Universal is one hell of a masterful corporation in the TV universe, hence it is hard to expect any less from it, it is also notorious for scrapping low crappy programming from its massive network of a global TV and online streaming businesses. 

“Behind every successful TV program, there is a team of admirable excelling producers and cast”. The current team of producers and cast at Dateline NBC are just that. Both of Dateline’s executive producers David Corvo and Liz Cole have the “News & Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a Newsmagazine

The program's host Lester Holt was NBC's choice to moderate the Democratic presidential candidates' debate in 2016, and the dramatic “out of this world” presidential debate between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald J. Trump in the same year.

Andrea Canning a mother of six and a current senior Dateline correspondent once interrogated "Two and a Half Men” lead star Charlie Sheen for ABC’s 20/20 program in 2011. You probably heard of that interview that turned into a viral video, a year later Dateline called and she was hired. Of course, the Sheen interview represented a mere minor factor for the promotion, for she indeed was one hell of a well-respected journalist even in the halls of the Whitehouse.

Josh Mankiewicz who has been reporting for Dateline NBC since 1995, is best known for his Dateline report on the Atkins Diet. Why? Well, He lost more than 21 kilograms on the Atkins Diet. In a nutshell, he takes the news reporting quality issues as seriously as he takes his weight issues.

Keith Morrison has been a correspondent for Dateline NBC since 1995 and is the oldest cast member. He is iconic, his voice is legendary, and is well known for his very dramatic delivery of the most disturbing real-life murder mysteries.

Dennis Murphy is the fifth current cast member of the Dateline notorious “crime and mystery investigations crew”, he loves hunting criminals and is the winner of four national Emmys for excellence in news reporting.

Some like to compare Dateline NBC to CBS’s program 60 minutes and ABC’s 20/20, however, Dateline has defeated both (which by the way are also pretty good programs) with its secret recipe or rather magic of emotionally and psychologically hooking the audiences to the featured persons in their episodes and series. They are simply pretty successful at making people become attached to the featured persons and/or news stories.

Some of the famous Dateline murder mysteries and other true-crime series include: To Catch a Predator, Wild Wild Web, To Catch a Con Man, The Real Blacklist, The Widower, and The Last Day.

Dateline NBC is suspenseful, it features murder, cold cases, unsolved mysteries, and complex love circles with unhappy and disturbing endings. Their research for each case is unparalleled and truly in-depth. The coverage is informative and filled with emotions and drama, yet it is for both the strong and weak-hearted because it has a unique sense of gentleness and respect.

Sophie ☕️🍰 - may 26, 2022

The 10 Best Episodes of Dateline NBC

Dateline NBC - S27E9

#1 - Final Curtain (Season 27 - Episode 9)

A soon-to-be bride is caught in the middle of a twisted murder plot that has detectives questioning if she played a role in it.

The episode was rated 8.60 from 10 votes.

Dateline NBC - S28E20

#2 - The House on the Hill (Season 28 - Episode 20)

Karl Karlsen's wife dies in a house fire. Then his prized horses die in a fire. And his son dies in an apparent accident. How can one man can be so unlucky? Andrea Canning reports.

The episode was rated 8.43 from 14 votes.

Dateline NBC - S28E32

#3 - The Playbook (Season 28 - Episode 32)

Lester Holt investigates the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and asks if better preparation could have saved lives.

The episode was rated 8.40 from 10 votes.

Dateline NBC - S24E46

#4 - The Informant (Season 24 - Episode 46)

A woman's story about an abduction and murder helps reopen a decades-old case that has weighed heavy on a New York town.

The episode was rated 8.13 from 16 votes.

Dateline NBC - S28E22

#5 - The Black Box (Season 28 - Episode 22)

A coroner arrives at the scene of a car accident to find his friend, Judy Orr Baldwin, deceased. He begins to think her death looks suspicious after he notices some unusual markings on her face. Was it an accident, or something far more sinister? Andrea Canning reports.

The episode was rated 8.10 from 10 votes.

Dateline NBC - S28E4

#6 - The Pink Skirt Plot (Season 28 - Episode 4)

The murder of a young businessman in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, marks the start of a 15-year-long hunt to find a killer.

The episode was rated 8.05 from 19 votes.

Dateline NBC - S27E8

#7 - The Ultimatum (Season 27 - Episode 8)

When a mother is discovered dead inside her home, it appears to be a suicide. But when investigators start to interview those closest to her, an evil plot emerges. Dennis Murphy reports.

The episode was rated 8.00 from 12 votes.

Dateline NBC - S28E23

#8 - The Ranch (Season 28 - Episode 23)

Three siblings' lives change when their father is taken hostage in an orchestrated abduction. For the first time, they open up to Keith Morrison about their ordeal and its stunning conclusion.

The episode was rated 8.00 from 10 votes.

Dateline NBC - S28E26

#9 - The House (Season 28 - Episode 26)

A former FBI agent is murdered at his house, and as police dig into his past, they begin to think the key to solving the mystery might be quite close to home. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

The episode was rated 8.00 from 10 votes.

Dateline NBC - S28E1

#10 - The Thing About Pam (Season 28 - Episode 1)

The unbelievable story of how the murder of Betsy Faria set off a chain of events leaving one man dead, another man implicated and a diabolical scheme exposed. Keith Morrison reports.

The episode was rated 7.91 from 32 votes.

Dateline NBC - S28E18
#11 - Where are the Children?
Season 28 - Episode 18

Where are the children? An investigation into the case of two missing Idaho children are making national headlines. The trail leads Keith Morrison to Hawaii in search of their mother and her new husband.

The episode was rated from 10 votes.
Dateline NBC - S30E1
#12 - The Evil That Watches
Season 30 - Episode 1

A triple murder divides a small town in Kentucky. As secrets come tumbling out, residents begin to wonder: How well do we really know our neighbors? Keith Morrison reports.

The episode was rated from 17 votes.
Dateline NBC - S27E3
#13 - At the Bottom of the Lake
Season 27 - Episode 3

A pilot flees after a deadly plane crash, and becomes a fugitive living a double life for decades. He tells his story for the first time to Keith Morrison.

The episode was rated from 20 votes.
Dateline NBC - S28E3
#14 - The Plan
Season 28 - Episode 3

A double homicide in upstate New York leads detectives on a cross country investigation to piece together a case with a surprising suspect at the center.

The episode was rated from 25 votes.
Dateline NBC - S28E2
#15 - Haunted
Season 28 - Episode 2

Nearly 10 years after Utah mother Susan Powell vanished, private journals, home videos and emails shed new light on what happened to her. Keith Morrison reports.

The episode was rated from 22 votes.
Dateline NBC - S25E26
#16 - Nightfall; Good and Evil
Season 25 - Episode 26

Andrea Canning reports on a young mother found dead on a country road. And Keith Morrison shares the story of a detective’s search for justice that brings her face to face with a serial killer.

The episode was rated from 10 votes.
Dateline NBC - S28E13
#17 - The Devil Was Watching
Season 28 - Episode 13

A Colorado woman vanishes. No crime scene. No evidence. No body. Would a dark secret about her marriage lead to clues that solve the mystery of her disappearance? Dennis Murphy reports.

The episode was rated from 10 votes.
Dateline NBC - S24E50
#18 - The Reckoning
Season 24 - Episode 50

The family of a young woman found dead in the Montana wilderness spends decades in pursuit of justice. Keith Morrison reports.

The episode was rated from 22 votes.
Dateline NBC - S27E45
#19 - Before the Storm
Season 27 - Episode 45

A divorced, bi-sexual Texan mother of two, with a new man in her life, goes missing as Hurricane Harvey approaches. Both cooperative, the missing mom's ex-husband, and new boyfriend, fail their polygraphs.

The episode was rated from 11 votes.
Dateline NBC - S30E21
#20 - The Hands of a Killer
Season 30 - Episode 21

When former Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins is found fatally stabbed outside her home, detectives investigate if her murder is connected to her political career or her personal life; the victim's children speak out about the case

The episode was rated from 11 votes.

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