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DC Super Hero Girls

DC Super Hero Girls

Cartoon Network 2019

Six dedicated superteens work together to fight the battles of Metropolis and the battles of growing up at the same time.

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The 10 Best Episodes of DC Super Hero Girls

DC Super Hero Girls - S1E48

#1 - #FantasticBeastsAndHowToMindThem


Season 1 - Episode 48

Diana Prince receives a care package from home, and her pet-raising skills are soon put to the test when a mysterious egg hatches into a baby griffin.

The episode was rated from 2 votes.

DC Super Hero Girls - S1E27

#2 - #RageCat


Season 1 - Episode 27

Jessica Cruz is convinced she can find the purr-fect forever home for Dexter, a cat who has been deemed unadoptable because he's basically the worst cat in the world. Her overbearing persistence in trying to get him adopted leads Dexter to become Dex-Starr, a member of the Red Lantern Corps! Can Jess still find the good in a fuzzy little nemesis who is trying to kill her?

The episode was rated from 5 votes.

DC Super Hero Girls - S1E35

#3 - #Retreat


Season 1 - Episode 35

Jessica Cruz and some super friends go on an overnight camping trip without their powers and are attacked by Poison Ivy and a horde of Plant Zombies!

The episode was rated from 4 votes.

DC Super Hero Girls - S1E24

#4 - #SoulSisters (1)


Season 1 - Episode 24

The girls must track down Katana, a mysterious warrior who’s stealing the souls of Metropolis’s villains. Meanwhile, Diana’s new friend Tatsu is a perfect match for her in every way, but may have a connection to Katana.

The episode was rated from 5 votes.

DC Super Hero Girls - S1E26

#5 - #Abracadabrapalooza


Season 1 - Episode 26

In an attempt to make Karen feel better about a pimple, Zee recounts her embarrassing transition into magichood - and the rift it created between her and her father.

The episode was rated from 5 votes.

#6 - #GothamCon
Season 1 - Episode 19

A fun day for Barbara Gordon and her bestie Harleen Quinzel (at Gotham City's annual geekfest, the Annual Convention of Gotham City Enthusiats!) is turned on its head when, out of nowhere, the villainous Harley Quinn shows up to wreak havoc! Lucky for everyone, Batgirl just happens to be in the area...

The episode was rated from 6 votes.
#7 - #Frenemies (1)
Season 1 - Episode 22

Batgirl’s worlds collide when her best friend from Gotham City moves to Metropolis. Meanwhile, Catwoman is making some new friends of her own.

The episode was rated from 7 votes.
#8 - #AllyCat (2)
Season 1 - Episode 34

When Zee Zatara realizes Lex Luthor has unearthed a magical book with the power to tell the future, the girls reluctantly enlist Catwoman to help them steal it from him before he understands what he has, but it may already be too late.

The episode was rated from 4 votes.
#9 - #FightAtTheMuseum
Season 1 - Episode 13

Supergirl always relies on her strength, but she'll need more than brawn to stop brainy Catwoman from stealing valuable gems from the local science museum.

The episode was rated from 6 votes.
#10 - #TweenTitans
Season 1 - Episode 39

Jessica Cruz is hired by billionaire Bruce Wayne to chaperone young Dick Grayson's Metropolis birthday bash and brings Karen Beecher along to help; the girls get more than they bargained for when the party guests reveal their titanic personalities.

The episode was rated from 3 votes.

Last updated: oct 09, 2020

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