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Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun

KBS2 2016

A drama about the love of people who get closer as they learn to be considerate of each other in desperate times and sacrifices made by people who throw themselves into natural disasters.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Descendants of the Sun

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  • Last updated: feb 24, 2021



    Still a good drama (especially the OST), just reckon it was way too over-hyped.


    Goowon Couple is The Best Thing happened in this drama


    Definitely worthwhile to watch! It has a little bit of everything to keep the flow going, both anticipation, excitement and worries are given to us by an excellent crew both in front of and behind the camera. Really enjoyed how there was almost two main couples, which makes the storyboard more reliable and it gives the viewers a more complex story-line to follow. So with the small drips of life and love from the supporting characters makes the story feel more in depth and genuine. There is a reason why this drama was watched with high rates worldwide when it was on-air. It is and will be the talk of this year! <3 <3 Enjoy!!


    With all the hype this drama had it had me having such HIGH expectations for it, but it felt like it was just toooo overly hyped. The story was great but some parts (SPOILER////: like the ending and how he came back after being presumed dead felt like they could've been done in a more interesting and better way than what it had). The acting was not bad; I just felt like it was the storyline and characters that weren't that great. It did have some comical scenes that had me laughing so much while it also had some action packed scenes that had me wanting more of it. I felt like the side couple had a more fascinating story than the main couple. Also, the side characters seemed to be at times more interesting than the main couples story. I just felt like this drama is good drama that should be watched once and should be watched without having such high hopes and expectations. Again this is all just my opinion and I believe everyone has their own views and could say this drama is one of the best but for me it wasn't so much the best.


    Impressive CGI for a TV show. These romance Kdramas are becoming my go-to guilty pleasure even though it's really overrated. The last 2-3 episodes were unnecessary since their story already wrapped up in E12


    Highly overrated compare to CLoY .. This has more episodic story and there is no end goal that is visible from the premise or the main characters driving to arrive. 2-3 episodes give you good thrill and suspense but after that its all about cheesy dialogues and romantic gestures... I liked the chemistry of Myung-Joo and Dae-Young more than the Kang-Yoo . If the show was compressed to 10 episodes instead of dragging out the romance between Dr.Kang and Captain Yoo Shi-jin Nevertheless it was a good one time watch .. unfortunately isn't as good as CLoY .. watching right after a great series make it even more disappointing for a hyped series.


    I can't take it anymore.... just too fucking fake.


    I'm not really into K-dramas but this show changed my whole perspective about it. It's not cliche and the script is very creative. I love this! I hope there's a 2nd season though. Can't imagine my life without DOTS anymore.

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