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Devil Among Us

Devil Among Us

Investigation Discovery 2020

When an attack happens, investigators must first consider motive. All too often, the true identity of a killer is masked by a twisted web of deceit in which revenge and hate are the fuel feeding their dark souls. Hiding in plain sight, they can spend years in the shadows before finally being caught - a single clue unlocking a Pandora's box of haunting tales of terror, loathing and fear. As identities are revealed, a chain is completed - uncovering a grim series of interconnected crimes and a trail of suffering in their wake that haunts communities and loved ones for decades.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Devil Among Us

#1 - Trail of Blood


Season 1 - Episode 3

Nancy and her children are found dead in an apparent murder-suicide. Fifteen years later, Donna falls to her death in the Grand Canyon. But investigators discover they're linked and are confronted by a serial killer who's been lying in wait for decades.

The episode was rated from 10 votes.

#2 - Murder Diaries


Season 1 - Episode 5

When butchered bodies show up across California, investigators realize they're dealing with a serial killer. With a kill list in hand, he's hunting for victims, keeping a macabre audio diary as he goes. No one knows where he is or if he'll stop.

The episode was rated from 10 votes.

#3 - Blood Brothers


Season 1 - Episode 4

A serial killer stalks Orange County, CA, targeting the homeless. Meanwhile, a young man stands accused of murdering his family. Investigators must race to find the crucial link between the cases: can they catch the predator, and free an innocent man?

The episode was rated from 7 votes.

#4 - Fire and Ice


Season 1 - Episode 1

A sniper shooting on an Alaskan highway leaves a young man dead and a community running scared. As one family grieves, another becomes hell-bent on revenge as they formulate an audacious plot.

The episode was rated from 15 votes.

#5 - Bound by Murder


Season 1 - Episode 2

When a stranger walks into Deanna's grandmother's home, holding them hostage. On the run, he's left a bloody trail in his wake, borne from his obsession with a young mother. Realizing he's armed, they fear they might be his next victims.

The episode was rated from 13 votes.

Last updated: oct 09, 2020

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