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Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train

PBS 2009

Friendly dinosaurs climb aboard a train to visit different times throughout the prehistoric age, learning about dinosaurs and having fun adventures.

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The 10 Worst Episodes of Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train - S2E22

#1 - Big Misty Sea Fishing Contest


Season 2 - Episode 22

Dad takes part in a fishing contest.

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Dinosaur Train - S2E28

#2 - Dinos A-Z, Part 4: Picnic


Season 2 - Episode 28

Conclusion. Don organizes the dinosaurs by species, features and size.

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Dinosaur Train - S2E47

#3 - Dinosaur Train Submarine: Shoshana Shonosaurus


Season 2 - Episode 47

The family rides the submarine to meet Shoshana Shonisaurus, a huge marine reptile, who helps Shiny overcome her fear of diving deep.

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Dinosaur Train - S2E49

#4 - Dinosaur Train Submarine: Maisie Mosasaurus


Season 2 - Episode 49

Maisie and Shiny bond when they find out neither one of them likes to go deep in the water.

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Dinosaur Train - S1E44

#5 - Jess Hesperornis


Season 1 - Episode 44

The Pteranodons venture to the Big Pond to find out if dinosaurs can live in the water. Their quandaries are quenched when they meet Jess Hesperornis, who turns out to be not only a water-dwelling dinosaur, but a bird as well!

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#6 - Triassic Turtle
Season 1 - Episode 45

Don mistakes a shell for a rock and meets Adam Adocus, a turtle with a head he can retract into his shell for self-defense. The Pteranodon family travels to the Triassic and meets Pauline Proganochelys, another kind of turtle who shares her own methods of defending herself.

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#7 - Tiny's Tiny Friend
Season 1 - Episode 64

Tiny gets upset when she finds a miniature mammal named Cindy Cimolestes has moved into her "Tiny Place," a hole in a tree near the family nest. Buddy ends up using his sharp eyes to help Cindy find a new home that more perfectly fits her small size.

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Dinosaur Train - S1E65
#8 - An Armored Tail Tale
Season 1 - Episode 65

The Pteranodons tag along as Hank Ankylosaurus visits the Big Pond to scout a Dinoball talent named Eugene Euoplocephalus. Eugene is a smaller version of Hank, an armored dinosaur with a giant tail-club. Hank and Eugene really hit it off, and after they all play Dinoball, Hank recruits Eugene to play on his team!

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Dinosaur Train - S1E66
#9 - Pterosaur Flying Club
Season 1 - Episode 66

Tiny and Shiny practice their swoop-de-loops and other flying moves in anticipation of their play-date with fellow Pterosaurs Petey Peteinosaurus and Quincy Quetzalcoatlus. With Buddy helping with the choreography, the Pterosaur Flying Club puts on a flying show!

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#10 - How Many Horns?
Season 5 - Episode 2

Buddy, Tank, and their pals search for Ceratopsians, which have up to 15 horns.

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