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Doctor Prisoner

Doctor Prisoner

KBS2 2019

An ace doctor in a university hospital is wrongfully accused of a medical malpractice incident and gets ousted from the hospital. He then applies to work at a prison, where he plans to make personal connections with all the big shots in prison with the ultimate goal of getting revenge against the hospital that kicked him out.

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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    >A fast paced revenge drama through and through with characters outsmarting each-other in every scenes with convincing plot holes. About the drama, it was great at the start, fast-faced that has left me wondering how the heck are they going to fill in a 16 episode drama with the way things are unfolding? That's where I bet that its gonna get draggy and redundant in the somewhere in the middle and sadly, that's what happened. This has a potential in the making of a great drama, but due to lacking events, the writer keeps on circling that the last 2 episodes left rushed. Like, that's it? From episode 1-10 has full of climax but it went a bit downhill until the last episode. STORY -------- This drama really defines what a revenge drama should be. Full of mind games and suspense, never knowing what to expect and who is on which side, as characters constantly kept changing sides, until the very last moment. Every episode had its twists and turns, just when you think it is going downhill for the male lead, he does something else to turn the tables. Taking the stay of execution, the writer made a revenge drama into a thriller worth watching. it was creative to see the prison as a setting, and see the ML take it from there. The strength of this drama also include the hate-trio, that is, Lee Jae Jun, Director Seon, and Dr Na. While the plot went along smoothly for the most part, the flashbacks hindered the viewing experience. The comedy was out of place - I laughed more at the characters laughing in tense scenarios than in the "light-hearted" moments. Another let down was not dealing with certain characters the way they should have, and allowing only one to be punished; and there was the under-use of the FL. Lastly, certain scenarios' conclusions got predictable. CAST/ACTING ---------------- Nam Koong Min was just phenomenal. How he portrayed Na Yi Je from being a kind doctor to a vengeful and power seeking character. His signature expressions was everything!! He truly became one with his character. Kim Byung Chul was just stellar as Sun Min Sik, seriously that smile was creepy, and at times i did find him annoying, but in the 2nd half he really played his cards well. Choi Won Young was great as Lee Jae Joon, the way he had such great control over his expressions and body language to portray his character and the illness. I wish Nara's character was more developed and incorporated. I felt like the female lead was just left as a side character, but whatever scenes Nara had, she was great. And i also loved the supporting cast members, they were soo good! Loved Prosecutor Jung and Miss Oh's interactions a lot! MUSIC --------- I personally really liked the soundtrack. They fit in well with the ambience of the drama. The beep, beep, beep was a personal favourite ;might feel annoying; when it accompanied turning points. The BGM could be a little loud, but I still liked it. REWATCH ------------- I don't really re-watch thriller dramas as once the plot is revealed its no longer enjoyable . So its a one-watch wonder like the rest thrillers... VERDICT ----------- One of the most well scripted, well directed and well cast drama i have seen in a long time!! I would recommended this show if you are looking for a interesting revenge story that is not crazy dark or you just want to watch something that is not a romance drama for a change of pace. Since i have watched too many dark revenge dramas at a stretch it took me a while to digest/finish this ....


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