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Doctor Stranger

Doctor Stranger

SBS 2014

As a child, Park Hoon (Lee Jong-suk) and his dad were kidnapped and taken to North Korea. He grew up there, learning to be a doctor just like his father. When Park Hoon escapes back to South Korea and begins work at a prestigious hospital, he makes it his goal to earn enough money to go back to North Korea to rescue his true love. He'll do anything to find her, but then he meets and falls for a mysterious woman (Jin Se-yun) who looks exactly like her.

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    >The term "wasted opportunity" should have a definition--Doctor Stranger. Such an exciting Story but butchered on Operation Table. Doctor Stranger was nothing but a wasted opportunity--a piece of work that started so strong and had a pretty powerful premise combined with corrupt politics and evil machinations with world-altering circumstances, but turned out to be nothing but people piddling around a hospital in a competition which seemingly went nowhere and somewhere at once. In other words, Doctor Stranger felt like it surgically removed too many parts and tried to put them back together, but when doing so, it mistook some organs for others and ultimately ended up being a "table death." PLOT: ------ That "death" was almost predestined by Doctor Stranger's plot. At first, the show was thrilling; it's focus on Park Hoon and the things a doctor has to do gripped me. Yet, a show that has one weak character from the beginning will often find that weak character to be the cause of its entire downfall. That's what happened here. A weak character was then joined by mediocre characters, and the whole show had to rely on one really strong character (Park Hoon) to bolster the story. That weak character, though, thread through Park Hoon's performance, made a wrong stitch, and unraveled it altogether. (Don't even get me started on the ending.) Some things that happened in the show were not convincing AT ALL!Because he studied medicine in North Korea, he developed the power to magically diagnose a patient just by touching the heart (sometimes, just touching the chest would do) I was so confused as to who was on whose side and even after finishing the show, there are still blanks and unanswered questions. A long part of the drama revolved around a competition that lead to no where, I know they wanted to show how some hospitals are just so corrupted but that was still too much. The overall story line was about the struggles of North Korea,which was amazing but it was too stretched out.Also the love story get very boring after awhile unless you enjoy romance a lot. CAST ----- Acting-wise, it was either a beating heart or a flat line. Lee Jong Suk, Kang Sora, and Park Hae Jin gave a lot to their roles. In Jong Suk's case, his acting showed more depth than his previous roles and made me feel for Park Hoon in a real way. Unfortunately, the flat-lined actress Jin Se Yeon, brought as much character as character development for her character, that is to say, none. She tripped and stumbled over every scene that required any emotion other than a blank face that clearly said, "I don't know what the hell I'm doing." MUSIC -------- I have no complaints but nothing extraordinary to take home to ... REWATCH ------------- Instead of asking, "Will you re-watch this?," I would say the question should be, "Do I have to re-watch this?" VERDICT ----------- Overall, I can't waste any more words than the characters did over dying patients on this drama. Except for Park Hoon and the Quack nobody deserve to be a doctor . I don't wanna give out any spoilers but really, [spoiler]most of the time the show did not make any sense, and some impossible things would happen and you keep waiting for an explanation, so here's a heads up: you will not get any! Overall, I'm in a love-hate relationship with this drama, I liked Park Hoon and skills but they don't make sense at all . I wanted the Quack and Hoon to be together as they have better chemistry than the doll Jae . This show gives serious second-lead nightmares [/spoiler]


    Gorgeous drama. Very dense and deeply emotional. A lot of moral lessons and things about living, surviving and human relationships...


    The actors did a good job, provided with the storyline they were given. It was excellent up until episode 11, then it all fell apart. Plot has lots of loose ends which goes nowhere and the main thing which should've been the main point of the story, ends up being nothing.


    Acting was great, but unfortunately a very poor and surrealistic plot, especially the ending: when Jae Hee jumped in front of Park Hoon to catch the bullet, how the hell did she end up over the bridge, again??? And Park Hoon took a direct bullet to the head before he fell over the bridge, so how the hell was he alive in the last episode with barely a scratch?? So sad, because the show started off pretty well..

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