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A young private’s assignment to capture army deserters reveals the painful reality endured by each enlistee during his compulsory call of duty.

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    > mueongaleul haeya handa .. OMG the ending!! Military enlistment is a topic which is often swept under the carpet in South-Korean culture, or romanticised in stories near the finale as part of the “ long wait” between lovers at the end of a drama storyline . So far we have seen deserters on a lighter note or in bad light in all the Kdramas but D.P presents the side of the deserters and their reason ; although there is a minuscule percent who deserve to be put back in jail but the rest all are escaping this mandatory hell that just makes them crazy by making a mini isolated marginalized society where you are alone and have to survive at any costs. A portrayal of deeply corrupted broken system where few good men do make much difference in Legalized Abuse. I hate the fact that Korean system is based on seniority I can never digest but i tried to understand I have seen Jung Hae-in only in romantic roles so far but this show is teaser to his next big role in Snowdrop where he is a N.Korean Spy ; I'm excited seeing the potential he has show in D.P in an entirely different character from his usual breadth. **Warning needed** - D.P. is filled with abuse, both physical and emotional, and justice is usually not served. The drama shows how it is, without trying to make the topic more approachable and easy to digest. You will be left with building up frustration, and yet glad, you decided to watch it till the end. The production and the writing left nothing to desire. Mixing the tragic aspects of reality with well fitted comedic bits was done in a good taste, not taking away from the serious topic tackled. Overall, one of the best shorter dramas of 2021 (better than MovetoHeaven) . Not an easy watch, might be too much for some people - was almost too much for me. It won't leave you on a hopeful note, but it is a story worth witnessing.

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