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Emily Owens, M.D.

Emily Owens, M.D.

The CW 2012

At long last, Emily Owens feels like she is an actual grown-up. She's graduated from medical school and is now a first-year intern at Denver Memorial Hospital. So why does everyone keep warning her that the hospital is just like high school?

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    I love pretty much the entire cast but the first few episodes were painful to watch. No character seemed nice, level-headede or even professional (maybe apart Micaha and Gina). Most of the rest felt like highschool graders and while this is a recurring theme in the show, no one wants to see professional doctors acting stupid around each other. It does get better after a while and you start to get attached to the characters but somehow, I'm pretty glad this didn't go on for more seasons.


    My favorite show right now. I'm so gonna miss it!!!


    I'm just gonna pretend that last episode didn't happen and Emily ended up with [spoiler] Micah and not Will. I can't imaging choosing the guy that actively never chose or prioritized you over the guy that always did. [/spoiler]


    It's true, it felt a bit like Scrubs. And I liked that. I'd take this show anytime over all the Greys Anatomys and stuff, it was a solid and entertaining show with nice characters, some heartfelt moments and it might have gone places... but alas, it shouldn't be. :/ I'm gonna miss it...


    Emily Owens M.D. is alot like Scrubs, or atleast, it wants to be. All the Scrubs episodes started with My/Her/Their/Our/His etc. So far both episodes of Emily Owens M.D. has started with 'Emily And ...' Add to that, the main character is alot inside her head just like JD was, the bigbad boss, Dr. Bandari, is alot like Kelso, and then you have Micah which is alot like Cox, altho, without the evil part, yet anyway. You even have a pseudo Turk/Janitor in Cassandra, and a pseudo Elliott/Carla in Tyra Anyway, maybe this is just me pushing too much onto the show, whatever.


    It's rare that I ever include shows from The CW on my list of pilots to check out in the fall. If I do it's usually because my interest is piqued over a formerly established property (90210, Nikita) or an actor I like, which is the case here. I've learned to temper my expectations when dealing with these shows, this is a far cry from HBO, and much closer to the quality expected from the four main networks. Though I do like Nikita. It's not a show I'd make a point of recommending but the cast works well enough to keep me interested, despite the bad writing. I expect this will be the case here. Mamie Gummer continues to pull of her mix of her mom and Zoey Deschal, that she was able to pull of in The Good Wife, so that's great. However, some of the characters that surround her seem to only exist to represent tired themes we've come to expect from soapy medical dramas. Wether the show can do a better job of balancing the endearing qualities of the lead, with its need to cling to tired storylines better than it did in the pilot remains to be seen. I'll probably watch a few more episodes before completely abandoning it. 5/10.

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