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Escape to the Chateau

Escape to the Chateau

Channel 4 2016

Angel and Dick Strawbridge swap their two-bed flat in Essex for an abandoned French château. Can they bring its 45 rooms and acres of land back to life?

Warning: the following content contains spoilers!

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The 10 Best Episodes of Escape to the Chateau

Escape to the Chateau - S4E3

#1 - A Floating Dome (Season 4 - Episode 3)

As Dick and Angel prepare for winter, they attend a food festival in Rouen, where they hope to find inspiration over what to do with their fresh fruit and vegetables. Angel adds the finishing touches to the floating geodesic dome in time for a family sleepover, while Dick gets to work fixing the crumbling stucco.

The episode was rated 8.54 from 24 votes.

Escape to the Chateau - S2E1

#2 - Pig Roaster, Versailles Loo and First Day at School (Season 2 - Episode 1)

It's the first ever paid event at the chateau and Dick tries to make a pig-roaster out of an oil-tank. Angel creates a Versailles-inspired downstairs loo. And it's their son's first day at school.

The episode was rated 8.29 from 49 votes.

Escape to the Chateau - S4E1

#3 - Weddings, Stables & Staircases (Season 4 - Episode 1)

Dick and Angel continue their adventures in a dilapidated French chateau, facing a busy summer of weddings and foodie events, while finally fixing the garden and stables.

The episode was rated 8.26 from 47 votes.

Escape to the Chateau - S5E1

#4 - Glamping (Season 5 - Episode 1)

Dick and Angel expand the project by setting up a luxury campsite on the chateau grounds, but they only have six weeks to complete it before the first guests arrive - and the weather is not on their side, with constant rain turning the planned site into a muddy field. They also have to contend with a visit from Dick's family at Easter.

The episode was rated 8.24 from 41 votes.

Escape to the Chateau - S3E3

#5 - The Wedding Season (Season 3 - Episode 3)

As the wedding season comes to the chateau, Dick and Angel's lives are about to get a whole lot busier. Then there's the barn, the van and the lime trees, as tensions start to rise.

The episode was rated 8.20 from 20 votes.

Escape to the Chateau - S4E2

#6 - Harvest and Birthday (Season 4 - Episode 2)

It's harvest time and Dick wants to make jam and turn pears into booze. Angel has big plans for a floating geodesic dome over the moat. Plus - a special birthday treat for Dick.

The episode was rated 8.18 from 45 votes.

Escape to the Chateau - S8E1

#7 - Gardening & the Coach House (Season 8 - Episode 1)

Dick, Angel, Arthur and Dorothy share more enchanting tales from the Chateau, as they continue the renovation of their 19th-century fairytale home and grounds. With weddings and events on hold for the second year, Dick and Angel bite the bullet and make the big decision to tackle the exterior of the Chateau. The roof and outside walls are their biggest project to date and the Chateau quickly becomes a building site.

The episode was rated 8.17 from 18 votes.

Escape to the Chateau - S9E1

#8 - Atelier de Mariage (Season 9 - Episode 1)

The Strawbridges return with more heart-warming adventures and innovative renovations. Dick and Angel prepare for wedding season, as the 'Atelier de Mariage' starts to take shape.

The episode was rated 8.17 from 12 votes.

Escape to the Chateau - S2E3

#9 - Christmas at the Chateau (Season 2 - Episode 3)

As winter descends on the chateau and Christmas looms, Dick and Angel Strawbridge rush to complete a huge to-do list before the arrival of the family from England.

The episode was rated 8.16 from 61 votes.

Escape to the Chateau - S5E4

#10 - Peak Summer (Season 5 - Episode 4)

The temperatures soar as Dick and Angel face the busiest period of the year, as the school holidays coincide with peak wedding season. Dick comes up with an ingenious solution to stop wedding cakes from melting in the heat, but it involves piercing the chateau's walls. The moat is transformed into a boating lake, giving visitors a chance to cool down, and the family takes to the water in a home-made punt.

The episode was rated 8.14 from 42 votes.

Escape to the Chateau - S1E1
#11 - Finding the Chateau
Season 1 - Episode 1

Dick and Angel find their fairytale French castle. Dick launches into fitting a monumental heating system while Angel discovers the chateau's vintage secrets.

The episode was rated from 81 votes.
Escape to the Chateau - S8E6
#12 - Colour Boards, Rendering & an Old Gadage
Season 8 - Episode 6

Angel sets about restoring the Chateau's walls to their original glory using computer mock-ups to try and match the existing colour. Part of a traditional device used for making cider is discovered while clearing out the piggery, so the hunt is soon on to locate the rest of it. Inspired by the ancient piece of machinery, the family collects apples to make their very own juice.

The episode was rated from 17 votes.
Escape to the Chateau - S7E1
#13 - Supersized Workshop
Season 7 - Episode 1

Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree's to-do list is as long as ever, and with no guests, weddings or events at the chateau this year, they use their engineering and design skills to tackle some major projects. First on the list is transforming one of the old outbuildings into a supersized workshop for chateau-sized jobs.

The episode was rated from 33 votes.
Escape to the Chateau - S3E1
#14 - Only 20 Rooms to Go
Season 3 - Episode 1

The couple get cracking on the 20 rooms that still need fixing. Angel buys a clapped-out van. And what have the tree surgeons done to the lime trees?

The episode was rated from 62 votes.
Escape to the Chateau - S6E3
#15 - Weddings & Aviaries
Season 6 - Episode 3

The start of the wedding season sees Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree at their busiest, with events booked all through the summer, but there is still time to make improvements. Angel has her sights set on transforming the gravelled area at the front of the chateau into a thing of beauty and the whole family take a trip to Monet's stunning house and garden, where a plan for the chateau's very own water lily patch is hatched.

The episode was rated from 44 votes.
Escape to the Chateau - S7E4
#16 - Orangery, Daybeds & Unexpected History
Season 7 - Episode 4

Dick and Angel Strawbridge attempt to renovate the orangery with the help of a roofing expert and some pre-loved slate, all the way from Wales, They also discover some unexpected history beneath their feet, and Angel finds two old daybeds in need of upcycling.

The episode was rated from 24 votes.
Escape to the Chateau - S5E3
#17 - Parkour & Turret
Season 5 - Episode 3

Angel redesigns the rooms in one of the chateau's turrets with a fruits and flowers motif - but an unexpected surprise lurks behind her creations. Outside, Dick is putting together a parkour fitness trail in the 12 acres of grounds, but hits upon an unexpected obstacle buried deep underground.

The episode was rated from 35 votes.
Escape to the Chateau - S6E4
#18 - The Party of a Lifetime
Season 6 - Episode 4

Dick and Angel are warming up for one of the year's biggest events - Angel's parents' 50th wedding anniversary, which involves inviting more than 100 people to a huge party. There's a bespoke menu to plan and prepare, so Dick has called in the cavalry, with his son James arriving from Cornwall. Together with some help from Arthur, the Strawbridge boys have their work cut out as they create dishes they hope will strike a chord with everyone.

The episode was rated from 38 votes.
Escape to the Chateau - S5E5
#19 - Café Grandma
Season 5 - Episode 5

Before winter sets in, Dick ploughs the wild flower meadow and joins with Angel in bringing the dilapidated coach house back to life, in a bid to create "Café Grandma".

The episode was rated from 41 votes.
Escape to the Chateau - S6E1
#20 - Winter Returns
Season 6 - Episode 1

Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree enter their fifth year of living in France. With more weddings and events booked in than ever, the couple prepare for their busiest year yet. In order to feed a total of 1,500 guests, Dick and Angel begin renovating the back of the basement, creating a brand new, state-of-the-art events kitchen with a half-ton oven. Engineer Dick faces a complicated plumbing issue. Angel has a kitchen design challenge. And there's a magical birthday party for young Dorothy.

The episode was rated from 49 votes.

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