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Faster with Finnegan

Faster with Finnegan

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The new Roadkill spinoff, hosted by Mike Finnegan, David Newbern and Mike Cotten

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The 10 Best Episodes of Faster with Finnegan

#1 - Series Premiere! Big Speed Gains: Cheap and Fast!


Season 1 - Episode 1

Can a 1985 S15 truck beat a new Shelby GT350 Mustang around a road course? That’s what Mike Finnegan is trying to find out with his good friends David Newbern and Mike Cotten. In this premiere episode of Faster With Finnegan, the guys use their Roadkill ingenuity to add major speed to their beater to see if they can out run Randy Pobst piloting a 526-horsepower pony car. Will they be able make their truck competitive with only a few bucks and a couple days of wrenching, or will they fail in glorious fashion? Either way they’ll teach you some new tricks and have fun along the way as Faster With Finnegan adds an all-new show to the Roadkill family.

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#2 - Vette Kart Rally Racing!


Season 1 - Episode 3

There is nothing a 1985 Corvette can’t do, it’s literally the Swiss Army knife of vehicles…well at least when you’ve unbuilt it into Roadkill’s Vette Kart. Over the years the Vette Kart has proven itself worthy on the autocross, big track, dragstrip, sand dunes and stunt courses. Now Mike Finnegan, David Newbern, and Mike Cotten are testing the Karts Rallying capabilities against Champion Drifter Chris Forsberg and a fully built RallyPro Subaru WRX. Wil some suspension upgrades and other modifications prove the Vette Kart to be the ultimate utilitarian race car? Find out on this episode of Faster With Finnegan!

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#3 - K5 Blazer LS Swapin’ a Mud Truck!


Season 1 - Episode 4

On this episode of Faster With Finnegan the guys try something outside of their wheelhouse as they take on a local racer at the West Georgia Mud Park in their big red K5 Blazer. After discovering many issues with the Blazer, Finnegan, Newbern, and Cotten decide the best way to add more power for cheap is a good ol’ LS swap. With a new powerplant and some water proofing will the Blazer tear through a muddy off-road course, or get stuck in the Georgia clay?

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#4 - No-Prep Dirt Drag Racing!


Season 1 - Episode 6

What happens when you take two drag racers off the pavement and put them on dirt? All sorts of awesome, that’s what. On this episode of Faster With Finnegan, John Andrade Jr., aka The Cutty from Street Outlaws, joins the guys in a messy battle between a ’75 dirt track Camaro and big-block-powered Toyota Mud Truck on a makeshift dragstrip down the center of a mud park. Can Finnegan, Newbern, and Cotten make the Camaro a contender and once again prove that American rear-wheel muscle is the best performing off-road race vehicle for sheer fun? Watch now and find out!

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#5 - Boosted Bird vs The Draguar!


Season 1 - Episode 2

The Draguar has met its match, or has it? On this episode of Faster With Finnegan, Mike Finnegan, David Newbern and Mike Cotten take on Youtuber, internet legend and drag racer Cleetus McFarland in a match up for the ages! This time the guys are drag racing the blown 383 small block Chevy powered ’74 Jaguar XJ 12 Draguar against their newly purchased stock 302 Windsor V8 powered 1986 Ford Thunderbird. How do you make the T-Bird competitive? Add a 6-71 Blower of course! And if you’re Finnegan and the guys, don’t bother with ring gaps, better heads or anything else. Will the T-Bird survive all that boost, watch now and find out!

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#6 - Nascarlo Vs Death Metal Charger!
Season 1 - Episode 5

You’ve asked for it and now you got it! On this episode of Faster With Finnegan, the guys race Roadkill’s Nascarlo vs the Death Metal Charger. This time Finnegan, Newbern and Cotten “roshambo” for seat time to see which car is faster around a dirt oval. Spoiler alert: Finnegan wrecks the Nascarlo, but the guys vastly improve its nose while also adding speed to the DMC and have the time of their lives “goin’ left” on the old school track.

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#7 - Flares and Flair: Thunderin' Left in a Fox Body!
Season 2 - Episode 1

One crushed project means new parts for another. The guys take on a NASCAR stock car piloted by Corey LaJoie around Atlanta Motor Speedway. How? By recycling the supercharger from their wrecked T-Bird and slapping it on a '78 Ford Fairmont.

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#8 - Episode 2
Season 2 - Episode 2


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#9 - Episode 3
Season 2 - Episode 3


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#10 - Episode 4
Season 2 - Episode 4


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