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Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Tochigi TV 2014

The Holy Grail War is a battle royale among seven magi who serve as Masters. Masters, through the use of the command seals they are given when they enter the war, command Heroic Spirits known as Servants to fight for them in battle. In the Fifth Holy Grail War, Rin Toosaka is among the magi entering the competition. With her Servant, Archer, she hopes to obtain the ultimate prize—the Holy Grail, a magical artifact capable of granting its wielder any wish.One of Rin's classmates, Emiya Shirou, accidentally enters the competition and ends up commanding a Servant of his own known as Saber. As they find themselves facing mutual enemies, Rin and Shirou decide to form a temporary alliance as they challenge their opponents in the Holy Grail War.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

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    Just confirmed that the Fate/stay night 2014 series will cover the Unlimited Bladeworks route and there will also be a Heaven's Feel movie released later on. Whoa. That's a whole lot of Fating to come. Take a bow, ufotable. You deserve it. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-07-27/new-fate-stay-night-tv-anime-is-unlimited-bladeworks/.77058 http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-07-27/fate-stay-night-heaven-feel-route-gets-film/.77059


    Update after the '2nd season' has finished (and therefore the series.) Previous comment still stands, but after a while the need for explanation for first-time watchers dwindles (as would be logical) so we end up with an amazing series with some massive animation skill and top of your chair action. If you liked this series, also check: Fate/Zero (prequel) Fate/Prototype (1 ep special about the original story, too bad this will never get a full story/series.) Kara no Kyoukai/The Garden of sinners (Movie series) And keep an eye open for (If ever released in the future): Fate/Heavens Feel (confirmed for a movie.) Fate/hollow ataraxia (sequel, no confirmation of a movie or TV show.)


    This was an absolutely superb Anime. Like really. The writing of the story is of course, quite entertaining. The action scenes were frequent and engaging, plenty of well done blood, gore and violence. Rin makes for a fantastic Tsundere splash of romance. The animation and music choices were both complimentary and artistically perfect. And this was my first introduction into the Fate series, all the concepts were introduced in good time with only a few somewhat unexplained instances. There was a decent amount of "we'll explain it after it happens" so don't take any immediate confusion to heart. I look forward to seeing what else the Anime adaptations of the Fate series has to offer. Oh yeah, watch the Prologue episode too, it was quite good.


    As a big Fate fan I love to see the Fate routes back on screen. This series has a more 'stepping in' pace and is clearly aimed at both existing fans and viewers new to the franchise. This makes a very balanced series, but it can be a bit repetitive and boring at times for the older fans. Luckily Ufotable throws in everything they got and artwork is so amazing you don't really get the time to get bored.

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