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First Dates

First Dates

Channel 4 2013

Interactive dating experiment in which real dates are filmed, and then viewers get the chance to apply to date the unsuccessful participants the following week.

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The 10 Best Episodes of First Dates

First Dates - S4E16

#1 - Episode 16 - The Proposal


Season 4 - Episode 16

Three daters return to the restaurant hoping to pull a cracker in time for Christmas, while some couples who had more luck first time round return too. And one of them gets down on one knee...

The episode was rated from 33 votes.

First Dates - S17E3

#2 - Episode 3


Season 17 - Episode 3

Those taking part include 23-year-old Rory, who meets 24-year-old Ella, along with 54-year-old self-confessed man-eater Caroline, who has been on 50 dates in the past two years. Tattoo enthusiast Adam returns to First Dates hoping to romance 30-year-old single mum Laura, who is yet to meet a man who accepts she has a child. Urologist Abi may know all about the male anatomy, but realises her job can scare off some men.

The episode was rated from 12 votes.

First Dates - S11E8

#3 - Episode 8


Season 11 - Episode 8

Helicopter pilot Paul, who's also a cross-dresser, embarks on his first ever date dressed in women's clothing. Sexy geeks Hannah and Dan bond over everything from video games to school insecurities

The episode was rated from 16 votes.

First Dates - S15E5

#4 - Episode 5 - Together Forever


Season 15 - Episode 5

This trip down memory lane serves up some classic dates where sparks flew and love blossomed, from two tweed lovers, to an eager octogenarian, and an accountant determined to make numbers sexy.

The episode was rated from 10 votes.

First Dates - S10E5

#5 - Episode 5


Season 10 - Episode 5

Will student James's unconventional party trick impress Emilie? And pop singer Ben, who was a smash hit in the 1980s, meets Sarah, who used to have his poster above her bed.

The episode was rated from 27 votes.

First Dates - S4E15
#6 - Episode 15
Season 4 - Episode 15

Can executive PA Victoria mend sales manager Scott's broken heart, following the break-up of his eight-year relationship? And when stunning Sasha is stood up, waiter Sam comes to the rescue.

The episode was rated from 35 votes.
First Dates - S4E6
#7 - Episode 6 - Celebrity Special for SU2C
Season 4 - Episode 6

SU2C 2015 In this special episode for Stand Up To Cancer, some of the daters discover that they've been matched with celebrity singletons, from Jamie Laing to Jorgie Porter, Anthea Turner and Alexandra Burke.

The episode was rated from 50 votes.
First Dates - S4E8
#8 - Episode 8
Season 4 - Episode 8

Model Georgia hits it off with hunky banker Alex. But he's meant to be on a date with Heather. And Hugo returns; can trainee opera singer Olympia hit enough high notes to win him over?

The episode was rated from 43 votes.
First Dates - S4E7
#9 - Episode 7
Season 4 - Episode 7

Some like it hot, but is Marilyn Monroe lookalike Elle too hot for fireman Marc to handle? Self-confessed 'player' Geo returns for another shot at love, and he's upping his game.

The episode was rated from 45 votes.
First Dates - S14E3
#10 - Episode 3
Season 14 - Episode 3

Anthony is 31 and has a wild past. He meets Lawrence, who's never been in love and feels his 'dating river has run dry'. Bev meets Howard, a former bank manager with a famous face.

The episode was rated from 11 votes.

Last updated: may 06, 2022



I love this! I even go on first blind dates now thanks to this show!


I love this! I even go on first blind dates now thanks to this show!


I love this! I even go on first blind dates now thanks to this show!

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