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ABC 2009

When the entire world blacks out for two minutes and seventeen seconds, everyone sees a flash of their own future 6 months from the present. For some, the future is hopeful, while for others, it is unexpected. For a few, it doesn't seem to exist. Knowing their fate will alter each person's life, destinies will be changed.

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The 10 Best Episodes of FlashForward

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  • Last updated: jun 16, 2021



    MOOOREEEE. How dare you cancel?


    Started off really nice, and the idea is wonderful with so much potential. Then, episode by episode, the show slowly fails to meet its potential.


    Great show! Amazing idea, never understood why it was canceled


    did anyone ever publish what the writers were going for in the never-made season 2?


    I miss this show. hope Netflix picks it up....it has real potential.....this is the show the reason I started to watch lost...


    One of the greatest


    Really enjoyed the mystery and drama of the show, don't know why it got cancelled and when it did, it was left at a hangover that wasn't resolved!


    I started watching this although I knew it was killed after one Season. Honestly I don´t know why. This was in my opinion a real quality show which deserved to live to develop it´s plot. This looked and felt good. I went through 8 seasons of 24 ´cause everyone said it was so great - the one season FlashForward has had more than the whole 24. Of course this is just my view but there is so much s**t on TV and this had potential. Maybe not for 8 season but 3-4 to play itself out. I will miss it and although it´s not finished I don´t regret watching it. It will remind me of how stupid TV-Stations are. They are pushing a lot of shows down our throats that don´t have good ratings either. One thing for those of you consider reading the book: If you like good SF without spaceships and aliens you will problably like it - if you´re looking for the conclusion of the show save the time. The book and the show have very few in common. They took the general idea of the FlashForward but that´s about it. Few other parts, too, but in a different context. Whole different story and characters beside from Simcoe and even he is different. It is a good book, though. What did you see ? ;-)


    Love it ... just finished it and I'm so sad that they canceled it. Although few things could have been better, the idea of the flashfowards was really unique. There is so many other shows that are not so great, but still have like 2-3 seasons ... too bad that this one didn't get enough rating for second season. Well ... I guess I'm going to read the book :)


    I've just finished to watch... I Can't Believe they cancel this show...

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