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Flesh and Bone

Flesh and Bone

Starz 2015

Claire, a talented but emotionally troubled dancer, joins a company in New York City, and soon finds herself immersed in the tough and often cutthroat world of professional ballet. The dark and gritty series will unflinchingly explore the dysfunction and glamour of the ballet world.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Flesh and Bone

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  • Last updated: nov 12, 2021



    New York City prima ballerinas moonlight at a upscale Russian mafia stripclub... of course they do, it's Starz. If you're looking for dramatized insight into the ballet biz -- this isn't it. If you're looking for a prime time soap layered with a ballet backdrop and 'because-we-can' cableTV sex & nudity, welcome to heaven... ;-)


    It's a very predictable, tedious series. The main character has a furrowed brow throughout all of her hidden ordeals, and through every single scene, enchanted by the rogue Romeo, a Shakespearan character, also quite predictable, in form. The action never transcends, which the ballet company main guy asks for. I've seen four episodes so far, and although the show owes its existence to "Black Swan", it's not at all as deeply delving or good. Avoid.


    It was eh... There were some beautiful parts but most was uninteresting.


    It starts off weirdly, and keeps going with its own kind of nuance, even though similar to other productions of the genus. Many scenes (not only because of the set) make us remember Black Swan (2010), but it does not take away the whole originality of the series. One thing I liked is the way they deepened fairly enough the stories of the characters, but without handing us everything in straight lines. The emotional charge is algo huge, and the ballet scenes in the last episode were magnificently expressive. I like the way this works with images and metaphors and the human mind. Overall, it is a great production for one to watch.


    Both utterly camp and surprisingly artistic. This «Black Swan» mixed with «Showgirls» and a old-traditional soap gets away with being entertaining and tedious. All the stereotypes are here but the wicked dialogue embraces them and there is few series that would let their main heroine have scars from years of rape and incest from her big brother. Nudity, drugs, murder, sex, stripteases, gay love and more. All in 8 ep.


    A beautiful visual and dancing ovni


    The is show was interesting enough for me to completely watch the whole season. However, the story line was kind of confusing. The acting is good and I liked some of the characters however, it is not a must see but, if you do start to watch, watch all the episodes


    With no expectations going into the series, I found it mostly entertaining and just the correct amount of episodes. Ben Daniels is really excellent as the head of ballet NY. Enjoyed him in House Of Cards too.


    Ambiance particulière mais série prometteuse


    A slowly developing drama that drives the curiosity and imagination. The plot never fully reveals all of the details which allows the mind to wander a bit. As the story progresses you get glimpses into the twisted and sadistic nature of ballet. The series is enticing and captivating but requires attention and focus.

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