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AT-X 2017

Keita Amano is a perfectly mediocre loner with no particular distinguishing features other than his love for games. One day, his school's prettiest girl and Gamer Club President Karen Tendo suddenly calls out to him. That moment changes Keita's life forever, as he now finds himself in the midst of a romcom with beautiful girl gamers... or, well, that's how it usually goes. Not with him, however.

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    An okay if somewhat bland premise. I think I stuck with this series based on the strength of the first couple of episodes, however I found the whole formula got old really fast. I get that the whole point was to take the piss out of everyone misunderstanding each other over and over again, but after a certain point it just wasn't entertaining anymore. I didn't particularly like any of the characters either. MC was unbearably bland. Other dude was okay I guess. I don't know why everyone loves seaweed so much, I couldn't stand her, especially after a certain incident later in the series. Blondie was okay but once again held the idiot card a few too many times. Pink was probably my favourite. And the fact that I can't be bothered to recall any of their names should tell you how forgettable I found the experience overall. The animation is okay I guess, but nothing special. There are a few fun moments where your expectations are subverted a bit, and I did actually enjoy them spending half of the last episode kind of slagging off DLC, but overall a pretty forgettable experience.


    It was not what I expected.In the beginning it was very interesting but later on it just become another Anime with a love story.It was not related to gamers at all.They just mention things about games and a little bit about gamers in every episode.I'm just going to hide it from my calendar can not watch one more season of this.


    I watched the English dub, FYI. That said, I enjoyed this series more than I was expecting. The fanservice was nice. Tendou's voice acting was fun to listen to, Aguri and Tasuku provided a layer of separation from the gaming talk. As far as a main character goes, Amano was a bit weak from an entertainment perspective along with Hoshinomori. Most of the anime revolved around a handful of gamers, how they crossed paths, a love [spoiler]pentagon where nobody knows with whom one's true affections lie[/spoiler], and the attempts at clearing up the resulting confusion. After a while it got kind of worn out, but even so, there were lots of laughs in each episode. Episode 12 was fun because it was mostly detached from the main storyline and they were discussing video game DLC, monetization, and there was an extended [spoiler]hot spring[/spoiler] scene with fun camera angles, lol. Overall, I would definitely be interested in a second season, but look forward to a more diversified plot.


    Uehara Tasuku face expressions through out the series are the best thing ever. Another weak/unconfident main character huh, whyyyyyyy? Whatโ€™s so amusing about that? Can anyone explain please?

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