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Generation War

Generation War

ZDF 2013

Five young German friends promise to meet again after WW2 ends, but soon their naive wishes of peace and happiness will become a long and tragic nightmare.

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    There aren't many TV shows or movies portraying the German side of the second world war, but Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter shows their side of the story and as with most things, it's not always black and white. The story is about a group of five friends and you'll follow their lives trough the second world war. Wilhelm and Friedhelm are two brothers who are sent to the Russian front. Greta is a singer dreaming of becoming a star. Charlotte just signed up to become an army nurse and has a very nationalistic mind. And finally there's Viktor a German Jew, trying to get out of the country before it's too late. During the three 1.5 hour long episodes the makers take you to the eastern front of the second world war and you'll find yourself in Russia and Poland during the worst battles. The promised victory by Christmas has come and gone and after another year in battle doubt starts to set in. If you expect hour long battles like in The Pacific you're out of luck, but there's plenty of well executed action. The actors are excellent and production value is on par with big-budget HBO shows. If you like Band of Brothers or The pacific this is definitely a must-see!


    Band of Brothers is pretty much the standard when it comes to war tv shows, and comparing the two is unfair to both, but Generation War is at the very least on par with Band of Brothers.


    Me ha encantado!!! Basada en hechos reales y desde el lado Nazi.


    What an epic series full of emotion and mixed feelings really enjoyed it.It was nice to see the WW2 from the "other" side.


    I almost hesitate to say it's better than Band of Brothers because that is a great show in it's own right... but it's better than Band of Brothers

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