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Sophia is a rebellious, broke anarchist who refuses to grow up. She stumbles upon her passion of selling vintage clothes online and becomes an unlikely businesswoman. As she builds her retail fashion empire, she realizes the value and the difficulty of being the boss of her own life.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Girlboss

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    I really liked the pace. Sophia is basically an anti-hero, she's an as*hole and treats everyone bad, but you still end up cheering for her somehow. The cast is overall great and Annie completely stole the show for me. If you're looking for a nice little show to spend your time, I think this is aces :)


    Strong cast, straight forward plot, fashionable, and has attitude. I like shows that don't feel like everyone is acting or constantly observing and are just living the lives as their characters would. It's not forced nor does it drag. The music is top notch. But more than anything, with relatively straight forward shows like this, I find myself disappointed that it's coming to an end (on the last episode now). Britt Robertson makes Sophia someone you'd have a lot of fun knowing and watching grow and the supporting cast round as she needs rounding. It rides like The Get Down for me. You're dropped into its world as opposed to having "the world" shoved down your throat even as Sophia bemoans such a fate. I look forward to more.


    I enjoyed this more than was expected. It's not the best show, but it's not its goal. It's a nice little show.


    loved the show! i don't understand why it was canceled.


    Sophia's tenacious personality is truly refreshing from the dainty female stereotypes of the past. She's far from perfect, but never intends to be. Overall, Girlboss is a heartwarming story of a young woman's passion coming into fruition while struggling to navigate life's obstacles. Disappointed there will not be a Season 2.


    The 1st season was good and Britt Robertson was amazing, great choice!!!


    Quite enjoyed this, had a great pace and enough quirk to keep things light balanced out with the occasional interpersonal drama. Highly relatable :laughing:


    This was a weird show. I didn't really care about anything that was happening, none of the supporting characters interested me, but Britt Robertson's Sophia was so much fun to watch bouncing around like a tiny ball of adorable rage that I ended up binging the whole thing and had a good time with it.


    A simple show empowering young women in big cities. The writing may have been targeted for the younger generation, but the material certainly appeals to a wider audience. Season One entails some comedy, to health problems, to boyfriend dramas, to eventually setting up a kick-ass online presence to market her ideas in vintage fashion. Looking forward to seeing how she'd make it, when big corporations try immobilise her in a competitive fashion industry for Season Two.


    I really liked this show. Unfortunately Netflix cancelled it. I will miss the friendship between Sophia and Annie :(

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