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Greatest Events of World War II In Colour

Greatest Events of World War II In Colour

Discovery 2019

Using highly advanced colourisation techniques, critical moments from World War II, from Stalingrad to The Battle of Britain, are shown in a whole new light.

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    Every new WWII documentary faces the same problem: there is hardly anything new to report. The history has been written - there is no sudden new evidence. What differs are the interpretations. If you know this part of history there isn't much to look for here but a reminder of how cruel the war was. As for the material itself: what is described as "rarely seen" is actually quite common and has been seen in many series before. There was not much new for me. In at least two parts they were even using movie footage from cinema. The "expertly restoration" is as good as can be expected. The source material just isn't that good. There is no HD to get out of this and the colors oftentimes look wrong. It's almost unrealistic at times. I was never a huge friend of those altered footage to beginn with. I am also not in favor of the term "greatest" as it implifies a certain glorification. Maybe "Biggest Events" or "Most Important" would have been more appropriate. Should you skip this, then ? Not necessarily. It is a good starting point for someone who's interested in WWII history. Those who already know it can use it to fresh up the memory. Just know what to expect.


    Not really much interesting stuff. I think a lot of what the experts day doesn't add anything to the footage at all. There are definitely some interesting insights but the other half is just a bit of gossiping about the battles. Besides, I didn't think there was that much 'rare unseen' footage. I'd recommmend other series such as World at War or even Apocalypse if you want a multiple episodical WWII docu.


    I watched this 3 or 4 episodes at a time but just rating the series overall. A couple of years ago, I became interested in World War I and was struck by the influence of patriotism and culture and how a person could be swept up in it so totally that they would walk into certain death. While that condition also seems to exist in WWII, I hadn't realized fully the brutality and cruelty that occurred (outside of the victims of the Holocaust). The attacks on civilians in WWII was atrocious. History should be studied from multiple points of view and learned from. There seems to be a desire by far too many people to want to erase record of the past. But then how do you learn from your mistakes? (and to be fair, your successes). Regarding this series, I'm sure there isn't a lot of new footage contained within. The addition of color certainly adds impact although I can't believe that someone who is interested in history would disregard footage because it's black and white. This series contains incredibly graphic footage, especially in the later episodes, that will certainly disgust and repulse many viewers.


    Hugely biased and written by the victors. In reality the Germans came a lot closer to win the war than the authors of this series wants to admit and the German war machine was indeed far superior than anything the that Britain could mount. Had not US saved our arses we would be speaking German by now.

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