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Netflix 2017

Therapist Jean Holloway develops dangerous and intimate relationships with the people in her patients' lives.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Gypsy

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  • Last updated: dec 14, 2020



    I'm really loving this show!! Another amazing performance from Naomi Watts. I'm so f*cking in love with Sidney! Unfortunately Netflix cancelled it.


    That's the hottest show ever!! I loved the plot and the cast is amazing!


    Too slow. A lot of unfinished lines. Average.


    its a good show, not gonna lie, but its not that mesmerizing. the writing is good, the story is interesting but its all just a little bit unbelievable. its not over-the-top like hannibal, that has a super-fiction artsy feeling. its trying so hard to pass as a great show that it loses its power. still, i really enjoyed it. i love to see bisexuals rage like this in media, i love it. this one couldnt escape the crazy psychologist trope either but ive always liked that trope anyways. and this might sound weird but im weirdly thankful for all the masturbation (both male and female) in this show. you dont see it a lot in tv shows, even though its such a common thing.


    This show was a real endurance test, but in the end I feel it really paid off. Slow doesn't even begin to describe the pacing of this show. If you are expecting thrills and chills, look elsewhere. This show has been coined as a "thriller" but really that's not an accurate descriptor. This show is pure drama, a slow psychological dissection of a middle aged woman in mid life crisis. But there's a lot more than a simple mid life crisis going on here... but sadly we'll never know because Netflix canceled it! Despite my issues with the pacing, I really loved it. The ending and the seeds I saw them planting for season 2 really left me wanting more. If you have the patience and want to watch a slow going drama, I highly recommend this.


    I find Jean Holloway confusing and unpredictable, it makes me interested in her character. I'm really wondering what her reasons are to make such choices or what drives her to it. Overall i'd say this show is good to watch but not for my top 10.


    Jean is such a piece of work! I love it. I can't wait for season 2 to see who else she gets her hooks into.


    Loved this show. Great performances by Naomi Watts and Sophie Cookson. Should not have been cancelled.

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