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TBS 2011

Kodaka Hasegawa has just transferred to St. Chronica's Academy and he's having a hard time making friends. With his naturally blond hair and fierce looking eyes, people constantly mistake him for a delinquent. One day, he runs into his bad-tempered loner of a classmate, Yozora, while she's talking to her imaginary friend, Tomo. Since neither of them have any friends, they decide to form a club and start recruiting some. Little by little, lonely classmates join their club to learn how to build friendships through cooking together, playing games, and other group activities. But, with so many misfits, will the club members really be able to get along?

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The 10 Best Episodes of Haganai

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    This show is a really nice anime to watch when you want something light and relatively cheerful. The characters are built out well, and they each have different personalities. The conflict between Sena and Yozora is well done, and you can clearly see their personality contrasts. In addition to this, it's nice to see how the group bonds over time - despite them not realising it, they are in fact becoming friends and achieving the groups goals. There are also good parts of humor, especially in the special at the end of season 1, and scattered throughout the anime. Whilst some of it did fall flat, there was enough of it to give me a chuckle every now and then. I love the soundtracks of this anime, especially the end one. They are really well done, and if I could listen to them on Spotify, I would. I rarely watch outros and intros, however I found myself listening to the outro on multiple occasions as I liked it so much. The second season was certainly my favourite - the character development had been done, and here, it was exploring the characters in a deeper way, as well as improving the bond between Kodaka, Sena and Yozora. All in all, a good watch if you want something light and fun, and in the classic 'main character doesn't notice all the adoring girls around him' harem style. I'm certainly going to pick up the manga, and hope for a third season of the anime. Would recommend.


    First season was bad but second season makes up for it. Base of the story is not so powerful but some scenes are enjoyable and pretty fun to watch. PS: Story is not complete in the anime, you've to read the manga to get the rest of it.


    Kodaka frustrates me so much. Love all the other characters though.


    watch out for a guy named Kodaka who likes to pretends he didnt hear anything when its about confession :/


    Brilliant show.

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