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Happy Endings

Happy Endings

ABC 2011

A fresh and funny take on modern friendship and what one urban family will do to stay friends after the perfect couple who brought them all together break up on their wedding day. The failed wedding forces them all to question their life choices. Then there are Alex and Dave themselves, who strike a truce and must learn to live with the changes their breakup has brought.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Happy Endings

Happy Endings - S2E16

#1 - Cocktails & Dreams


Season 2 - Episode 16

Dave gets a liquor license for his food truck, making it a new hot spot. The gang avoids Dave because his signature drink gives them sex dreams about him.

The episode was rated from 269 votes.

Happy Endings - S2E17

#2 - The Kerkovich Way


Season 2 - Episode 17

A panicked Alex enlists Jane's help in convincing Dave that something he's certain happened never did using "The Kerkovich Way," an ancient Serbian memory-wiping technique passed down through the Kerkovich clan. Meanwhile, Penny and Max are determined to finally beat an annoyingly perfect couple in the annual Rosalita's Run and Scavenger Hunt.

The episode was rated from 272 votes.

Happy Endings - S3E12

#3 - The Marry Prankster


Season 3 - Episode 12

When the gang pranks Max into thinking he won a big lotto jackpot, he vows revenge when they least suspect it. Meanwhile, Brad gets a new job as a CFO, but Jane is not amused when she learns the title is Chief Fun Officer and that Brad is working at a kids' gym.

The episode was rated from 277 votes.

Happy Endings - S2E21

#4 - Four Weddings and a Funeral (Minus Three Weddings and One Funeral)


Season 2 - Episode 21

The gang find themselves at yet another wedding, this time the nuptials of Derrick and Eric. Brad struggles to tell Jane something important, Jane tries to find a way to help Eric hide the fact that the pricey reception must be downscaled, and Max tries to find the courage to perform with his old all-male Madonna cover band. Meanwhile, a dateless Penny is sad that she's at another wedding, alone, until she meets cute guy Chris via Skype.

The episode was rated from 229 votes.

Happy Endings - S2E20

#5 - Big White Lies


Season 2 - Episode 20

Things spiral out of control after Penny tells a white lie to avoid an irritating childhood friend. Dave and Max's lonely and jealous landlord falls for Alex.

The episode was rated from 244 votes.

Happy Endings - S2E10
#6 - The Shrink, the Dare, Her Date and Her Brother
Season 2 - Episode 10

Dave has a surprising reaction when his shrink starts dating Penny. Max and Jane's fight over a sweater leads to a strange competition, and Alex and Brad bond when they discover a shared interest.

The episode was rated from 264 votes.
Happy Endings - S2E14
#7 - Everybody Loves Grant
Season 2 - Episode 14

When the whole gang, with the exception of Dave, falls in love with Grant, Max wonders if he really is good enough to date the "perfect" guy. Meanwhile, Dave sets out to prove he's way cooler than Max's new boyfriend.

The episode was rated from 246 votes.
Happy Endings - S1E12
#8 - The Shershow Redemption
Season 1 - Episode 12

An old friend gets married, and the bride thinks Alex is a jinx; Penny and Derrick pretend to be engaged.

The episode was rated from 283 votes.
Happy Endings - S2E12
#9 - Makin' Changes
Season 2 - Episode 12

Jane encourages Penny to find a man and then change him to suit her expectations. Alex stages an intervention to stop Dave from his obsession with V-neck shirts.

The episode was rated from 258 votes.
Happy Endings - S1E10
#10 - Bo Fight
Season 1 - Episode 10

Alex's string of "girls' nights out" doesn't sit well with Penny; Max pushes Dave to get even.

The episode was rated from 270 votes.

Last updated: sep 22, 2021



One year later, I am still heartbroken that Happy Endings actually did end. What an ominous title that was... It took me almost the entirety of the first season to start feeling the love for Happy Endings, but I stuck it out and I found that while I was expecting a How I Met Your Mother meets Friends kind of show, Happy Endings was much more and very different in all the right ways. Although the series builds from Dave & Alex's wedding, all 6 characters are equally hilarious, entertaining, adorkable (yes there's a k there), relatable and whimsical. I couldn't pick one strong character in this cast, neither could I pick a weak one (although Dave is a bit of an acquired taste). I will never forget Max' genius "hold your horses" or Winnie The Pooh episode, Alex' "I'm not as dumb as I am" and her couch prank or her "I may not know what an Ira Glass is", Brad's Sim-Brad, Penny's falls and head bumps, Jane's ideal salary negotiation, her calm authority and that episode she loses it all at the couples games night, and Dave's so subtle dorky behavior. But that isn't even half of Happy Endings' strength. Never before has any show assumed the gay/black attributes of its characters so openly, without making that one particular define their whole identity. Happy Endings broke the stereotypes of those characters, and the stereotypical way in which they are usually dealt with in TV/Movies. It didn't dance around the obvious, try to make a political stance, or avoid laughing about it. As with any group of friends, they sometimes joked about Max not being gay enough, or Brad's black origins and the way he speaks, and the jokes were real and tasteful. There's also the fact that Happy Endings is a physical + spoken + situation comedy at once, a traditional sitcom in that sense, but the spoken aspect was always subdued, full of references, and it made you work for your reward in every joke. I was often too focused on one aspect or character and didn't notice what else was happening simultaneously. I also missed some of the verbal jokes. That's why there is such an added value in re-watching Happy Endings. I have seen every episode at least 5 times and I STILL find new things to laugh at. That's how much there is going on, and how brilliant the show is. I am grateful that we got 3 seasons of Happy Endings, but I would have loved more, so much and much and much more.


"This show has ended" This hurts so much more than it should.


Honestly one of the best shows ever, shame they canceled it


This show really was one of the funniest sitcoms(?) I've ever seen. The jokes and dialogue can be a bit fast-paced, but despite the silliness of many of the characters and/or the actions, it still felt pretty genuine. Another thing I liked about this was that the characters weren't very stereotypical and in fact, the show touched on stereotypes in extremely humorous ways. I was fortunate enough to catch this series early in the first season right after the cancellation of "Love Bites," a similar program on NBC, so I was able to see it as it was broadcasting, which made it a real disappointment when this was cancelled in the 3rd season.


watched 2 seasons in 3days, this show is hilarious, every character is special and very likeable. Even tho some of the jokes feel forced, the show is funny as hell. Enjoyed myself a lot so far, will watch the last season next, dont want it to end so soon =(


Damn, I miss this show!


A really fun show that never got the chance to develop itself. The characters have great chemistry with each other, and each and every one of them has its own unique side without being cliché. The writers managed to get some very good jokes into the show, and the timing of the actors is pretty decent too. Max is one of the highlights of the cast, and I think that if this would have run for a few more seasons it could've been as popular as New Girl or better. The weak point is the stale position everyone is in, some of the characters are a bit overdone which leaves not a lot of space for different situations and jokes. It also happens from time to time that a scene is very forced and all actors are literally repeating their lines in stead of acting them out.


Complete series coming to Blu-ray in 2018!


I won't say this was my favorite show, but this is really a funny one, they should have made at least 5 or 6 seasons, (My Favorite Comedy Show is Community).


Elisha the best of all

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