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Her Private Life

Her Private Life

tvN 2019

An art curator's life unravels, as she tries to keep her pastime as a die-hard K-pop fan secret from her gallery's new director.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Her Private Life

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    I thought this could be the best dorama I ever seen... but those cliches... I really doesn't enjoyed it. Doesn't have any sense that all the characters has been conected in the past and future. Was an unnecesari drama. But ignoring that, was very funny and the relationships' amazing, so healthy and lovely.


    I loved everything but the whole flashback thing and childhood part. I really liked the main cast they were funny and relatable and quite interesting. I especially loved Eom SO Hye who never failed to make me burst out laughing. Deok Mi's friends and co-workers made the drama more exciting. I overall enjoyed the drama greatly and hope that everyone gives this drama a shot.


    It was all fun and games till the flashbacks started...still good fun! Loved all the eccentricities of being a fangirl that were portrayed and I must admit I quite related to the protagonist at times!


    Cute cute cute! The flashbacks were unnecessary, and I wish we got more Deok Mi-as-a-fangirl content near the end, but I had a great time with this fun office romance, and highly recommend it!


    this was cliche and everything,,, but succeed to make me laugh out loud and entertain me


    Little Geon Woo was the MVP of this drama. So freaking adorable! He stole all the scenes he was in. Also loved the friendship between Duk Mi and Seon Joo. It was very genuine and realistic. At times I wanted to fangirl witht them. Besides that, this was another typical romance with some twists thrown in to tug at your heartstrings. Good OST, great chemistry, quite a bit of physical affection between the leads and a nice enough story to keep my interest.


    > Another unimpressive office romance If you have see **What's Wrong with Secretary Kim** , **She's Pretty** and **My Boss is Shy** etc ... this has pretty similar cliches , trauma and the past connections. Despite that once in a while we need to indulge in a sweet romance especially after a disappointment like **My Extraordinary You** PLOT ------ Two attractive leads does not make a great rom-com. CONTENT matters. I was able to quickly guess who was who and what the relationship was from the get go ... so the mystery was out. The love triangles were unimaginative. I couldn’t find anything exciting to look forward to from episode to episode. Fangirling was shown as a completely normal thing here. Deok Mi and Seon Joo are both in their 30s, but they are fangirls. Why not? I’m not with people that say she was too old to be a fan girl. It’s not the fangirling that makes this show a fail. BUT half-way through the PD drops the fangirl plot and there is no conclusion that outing !!! I found myself fast forwarding through most of the episodes because the content was just dull after 8 episodes we know the ending but its not arriving yet !!! CAST ------ The cast for this show was phenomenal and while I didn’t like some characters and maybe they weren’t needed the actors/actresses that played them played them relatively well (yes even crazy director). I don’t particularly like any other character besides the main leads and perhaps Cha Shi An and the child. Park Min Young is one of my favorite actresses and Kim Jae Wook is great in this drama their chemistry and Jae Wook's brilliant portrayal of a perfect boyfriend, you can't hate on this lead couple. Nothing much to write about the characters but both of them have great chemistry and she knows how to do an onscreen kiss right; She sizzles here as does the male lead; It has lots of real kisses and skin-ship too. Seon Joo and Deok Mi were friendship goals honestly. Seon Joo is my favourite character here and I loved their relationship with her husband. And their child was sooo cute! I think Eun Gi and Cindy were pretty pointless here, especially Cindy. [spoiler] At first, she seemed to be the antagonist, but then she became just a random character who had some funny scenes here and there; she does have a good character development when she is kicked out of home for fangirling. its cute she was paired with Eun Gi at the end as we can see some sparks but should invested more time instead of making a obvious surprise[/spoiler] . As for Eun Gi, he was sometimes annoying and his presence didn't really affect the story. I guess the writer just needed a second lead, because what is a rom-com without a second lead? do they have make it an hopeless incest ? And Ryan's friend was also annoying. I don't even remember her name, I couldn't get the point of her existence in the drama; should have made her more relevant even if it means making her non-neutral!! VERDICT ----------- The show has it’s funny, cute, a handful of decent lines moments. There was no toxic relationship so that was a plus. The acting is good as well, but none of this was able to save this show. It would have been tolerable if it had ended on episode 14 but the additional unnecessary plot ; which u can guess half-way through due to the nightmares shown to stretch it to episode 15 & 16 left me even more dejected. Is there some unwritten rule that says there has to be some childhood connection for couple to be fated that this has to be a troupe in every other drama? The music was also wonderful and matched very well ... 'Precious Little Girl' is still echoing inside my head. The re-watch value is a bit low because while I loved watching their romance, since the story isn’t really there I feel that it doesn’t really make me want to re-watch the drama. Totally recommend this show for those that want a racy love romance ! with no evil second lead or nerve-wracking plot twists

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