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Homestead Rescue

Homestead Rescue

Discovery 2016

Expert homesteader, Marty Raney, along with his daughter Misty and son Matt, give struggling families a second chance at surviving off-the-grid. The stakes are high, but the Raney family is determined to prepare these families for natureโ€™s worst and set them up for success.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Homestead Rescue

Homestead Rescue - S6E13

#1 - Homesteads Revisited


Season 6 - Episode 13

The Raneys have traversed America saving homesteaders on the verge of failing. Now, the Raneys reflect on fan-favorite visits and watch self-shot updates from the most resilient of these homesteaders.

The episode was rated from 2 votes.

Homestead Rescue - S3E8

#2 - Storm Shelter Showdown


Season 3 - Episode 8

A hungry bear scratching the walls, disease carrying ticks, no food to eat, no power to cry for help, and 60 massive oaks looming over a flimsy cabin in tornado alley. Is this Missouri homestead the Raneys greatest ever challenge? You bet it is.

The episode was rated from 5 votes.

Homestead Rescue - S6E9

#3 - Burned Out


Season 6 - Episode 9

In Northern California, the Raneys give a masterclass on rebuilding from scratch when they come to the aid of the Olson-Wilcox family whose homestead was completely destroyed in a devastating wildfire.

The episode was rated from 49 votes.

Homestead Rescue - S5E5

#4 - Quake on the Forty


Season 5 - Episode 5

The Raneys return to Alaska to discover their own homestead in utter disrepair. Beetle kill has destroyed their only access, so they race to build a steel tram before the deep freeze sets in. But can it withstand the force of a 7.2 earthquake?

The episode was rated from 65 votes.

Homestead Rescue - S6E2

#5 - Moose Mayhem


Season 6 - Episode 2

To save a single mom and her daughter from rampaging moose and secure a source of food, Marty builds a bridge across a murky creek to access more property, Matt teaches predator deterrent techniques, and Misty builds a snow-proof greenhouse.

The episode was rated from 54 votes.

#6 - Idaho Death Trap
Season 6 - Episode 8

The Jackson family in Idaho suffers from a cabin on the verge of collapse and predator threat from 100 chickens. The Raneys use all new ingenuity to make the cabin livable, protect the flock and create a valuable income source.

The episode was rated from 43 votes.
#7 - Killzone
Season 4 - Episode 7

Marty helps Oregon homesteaders April and Mike Kondash build a barn, Misty creates her first-ever subterranean garden, and Matt finds a humane approach to a mysterious predator threat.

The episode was rated from 58 votes.
#8 - Shock and Awe
Season 4 - Episode 3

Marty embarks on an ambitious, off-grid hydropower system after Tennessee storms obliterate the Reathifords' power source; Matt creates a meat smoker, but a surprise accident leads to a construction site injury for one of the Raneys.

The episode was rated from 65 votes.
#9 - High Country Bear Lair
Season 5 - Episode 3

Shocked to find a bear den near the Counter family's Colorado homestead, the Raneys build an old school root cellar and innovative greenhouse and attempt to inspire two off-grid reluctant teenage sisters to help bring their father's dream to life.

The episode was rated from 67 votes.
#10 - Life or Death in Michigan
Season 5 - Episode 4

A day in, Marty is hit with a bombshell the old well he's come to fix has already claimed its first victim. To set the Dagues on a path to self-sufficiency, the Raneys try to deliver a long-term water source, protein supply, and sustainable power.

The episode was rated from 63 votes.

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