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Four partners at a law firm called "Heder" gain notoriety by helping victims of sex crimes and speaking out against patriarchy.

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The 10 Best Episodes of Honour

Honour - S1E8

#1 - Episode 8


Season 1 - Episode 8

The office is attacked with tear gas, and Heder realizes that they have a traitor among them. They are forced to make a drastic decision about 1991, which initiates a course of events with fatal consequences.

The episode was rated from 10 votes.

Honour - S1E7

#2 - Episode 7


Season 1 - Episode 7

Janni and Elin realize that Neat knows what they have done and fear for their own and their families' safety. The person who knows the women's secret confronts Nour before a TV recording.

The episode was rated from 12 votes.

Honour - S1E5

#3 - Episode 5


Season 1 - Episode 5

It will be more difficult than expected to find out who is threatening the lawyers. At the same time, they find out more and more about CA's murder and Isabel's role, but the more they find out, the more questions there are.

The episode was rated from 13 votes.

Honour - S1E3

#4 - Episode 3


Season 1 - Episode 3

The threats continue and the lawyers understand that everything can be linked to their secret. Janni is worried that her DNA can be found at CA, and the women suspect that the sex ring is using an app.

The episode was rated from 11 votes.

Honour - S1E1

#5 - Episode 1


Season 1 - Episode 1

Heder represents the teenage rape victim Isabel, but the accused is acquitted in court. To gather evidence for the appeal, Heder meets the journalist CA, who is working on a scoop on a sex ring.

The episode was rated from 17 votes.

Honour - S1E2
#6 - Episode 2
Season 1 - Episode 2

Heder, who in principle only represents victims of crime, is facing a difficult choice now that Isabel has gone from victim to perpetrator. Nour is attacked by an unknown person who cuts her and leaves a note.

The episode was rated from 14 votes.
Honour - S1E4
#7 - Episode 4
Season 1 - Episode 4

Heder tries to investigate the Neat app when it suddenly disappears. They therefore try to find someone else in the sex ring. The women figure out how the leak of their secret may have started.

The episode was rated from 14 votes.
Honour - S1E6
#8 - Episode 6
Season 1 - Episode 6

The people behind Neat feel the pressure from the lawyers and start threatening with murder. Women find connections they have not seen before and continue to pursue justice and truth, with bloodier consequences.

The episode was rated from 12 votes.

Last updated: may 08, 2022

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